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Soulmate Signs: 18 Signs You Have Found Your Soulmate!

By- Shreya Sharma

Soulmates are, as said spiritually, the ones whose names have been decided together even before you are born. They are the ones who complete your soul and you feel content with them. They are the ones who help you to become a better person. They help you push beyond your comfort zone and limits to find a better version of yourself. Initially, you might feel that you do not click at all, but later with a little twist and turns, you feel that invisible bond binding you closer and closer. Open your eyes and heart to know if you have found your soulmate. Here are 18 signs you have found your soulmate.

  1. You can apologize

It is not easy to say sorry and takes responsibility for your mean actions. Soulmates realize the harm their actions and words have caused and are ready to apologize for the harm even if their point was justified.


  1. You have met each other before

You have crossed paths before. You may not have connected, but you were at the same time in the same place. You never met before because maybe that was not the right time.

  1. You meet at the right time

You both have to be ready to have the soul connection. Timing is everything. It could be that you never met before because you were bound to go through a bad relationship to understand that you have to chuck some standards and checklist to find a perfect man.

  1. Silence is peaceful

Being quiet together is comforting. You both do not mind doing different things in the same space. You do not keep on asking ‘what happened’ because their presence is enough to soothe your soul.


  1. You can hear their thoughts

Your relationship has such depth that you can feel and hear what your partner is thinking, even when they do not express it through words.

  1. You can feel their pain

You know each other so well that just as he steps into the room, you can understand his mood. You can feel his feelings like sadness, worry, stress, joy. You share each other’s emotions.

  1. You have same life goals

You have same values, ethics, and goals. You might not have the same way to reach the goal, but you both sure want the same end result.


  1. You know each other’s flaws

Every trait we have has a positive as well as negative side. You can look for the good and benefits in each other’s flaws. You know if he is stubborn then he can make good decisions or if he is overly organized, he will always pay the bills on time.

  1. You are not afraid to express

Conversations are challenging as expressing your views and making decisions can be the uncomfortable task. But you know once you join in together, you will be able to work it out.

  1. Alone time does not scare you

You respect each other’s independence and know the value of spending alone time and having a life outside the relationship.


  1. You do not threaten each other

You too feel anger but you do not go nasty or hurtful. People often unintentionally hurt each other, shout, scream and threaten to break up. This is not the case with you.

  1. Your instinct

You just know it and have a strong feeling that he is the perfect one for you. You will let go of everything you expected once in your life and give yourself completely into this relationship.

  1. You give in for your partner’s happiness

You give to each other or compromise only to make each other happy. It is not because you are in an unhealthy and abusive relationship. It is because you value happiness.


  1. You complete each other

No one is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Soulmates are opposite, who often complete the missing piece of our life. They are the strength to our weaknesses.

  1. You respect different opinions

Soulmates are often poles apart, so you know you have different opinions. You know this can be challenging but you respect each other and honor the different opinions.

  1. No jealousy

Your man’s friends are not a threat to you or your relationship. You are secure as you know you are the only one.


  1. You will love to marry each other again

Even in the tough times, you do not mind choosing your partner again. You feel proud of your partner and know he is the only one for you.

  1. His arms are your solace

There is no place you’d rather be at the end of the day but in each other’s arms. There is warmth in your heart, an inner peace you can feel. No words need to be spoken. All that exists is the silent, blissful union of two souls together.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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