10 Subtle Ways To Seduce A Man!

By- Shreya Sharma

You might want to make a man like you, but you do not have the trick to seduce a man. Seduction is an art that everyone enjoys. Making a man awkward because of the sexual tension you have created is a great treat to senses. You can use a few sneaky tricks to seduce your man and make him want you more. He will love you for this great pleasure. Here are 10 subtle ways to seduce the man.

  1. Eye contact

Just as he looks at you, look away. This way he will never be sure if you are staring at him and he will start to get more curious about you.


  1. Show him your best side

Feel sexy about yourself and he will get the vibes. Look your best when you are around the guy you want to seduce and keep in mind that man love boobs and butts. Let him have a look at your toned legs and curves. When he will fall in love with your body, he is on his way to get seduced by you.

  1. Create odd situations

Squeeze in a crowded elevator and ‘accidentally’ let your butt touch his legs. Or come from behind when he is sitting on a chair and reach across the table to get something, and when he will turn around to look at you, his shoulders will touch your breasts accidentally. Make such moves, but make sure they do not appear to be obvious, and this will seduce him.

  1. A peek-a-boo

To seduce a man, do not wear skimpy clothes or bare everything as it draws the wrong kind of attention. Wear something that gives him a little peek-a-boo now and then. If he is standing sound you, lean forward to pick something, and he is sure to have a look at your boobs.


  1. Unexpected touches

While talking, place your finger over his palm to emphasize a point or while crossing the street, hold his hand. If you are sitting next to him ‘accidentally’ touch his feet. Create circumstances to touch him and he will want more of it.

  1. Do not throw yourself at him

Do not ever throw yourself on him as he might understand that you are interested in him and he will not get excited by any of your moves and think you are trying hard to get his attention. Make it look like he is the one pursuing you and not you who is trying to seduce him.

  1. Flirt

Warm up your guy and show him that you are open for a bit of safe flirting. While having the conversation with him, start flirting, and he will want to continue the conversation with you and he will be excited.


  1. Ignore him

Once in a while, when you think things are going too smooth between you two, stop pay attention to him. In the beginning, do not let him feel that he is able to make an impression on you. Ignore him now and then, and play hard to get, so that he tries hard to woo you.

  1. Take him to the dance floor

Move your sexy curves on the dance floor and he will be impressed by you. Show off your skills on the dance floor and let him watch you. You can even take him to the dance floor and dance with him to build a sexual chemistry and make few memories with the lingering touch.

  1. Smile

Men are drawn to women who are happier and fun to be with. They find a smiling, flirty woman more approachable. Smile often while having a conversation and it will draw him to you. but do not over-do it.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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