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15 Things Nobody EVER Tell You About Being In Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships come with their own terms and conditions and no two relationships have same conditions. Every relationship comes with its set of problems, failures, happy times and you will just have no clue what might make you mad or might make you go gaga over your man. The way you feel in your relationship, no one else can have the same feelings however hard they say ‘we understand’. Pick your roller coaster ride to understand the true sense of mixed emotions. Here are 15 things nobody ever tells you about being in the relationship.

  1. You can love someone for years

You will never get sick of them even when you spend all your time with someone for years. You instead love them even more than the first time you got together.


  1. You may end up doing things that you do not want to do

You may not like his boy’s gang, but sometimes you have to serve them with a smile as well. And you know he will be returning the favor by sitting through your girl’s gang.

  1. Your SO might not be the same as you always thought of

Sometimes the guy we consider to be ‘the perfect’ and ‘our kind of guy’ is the guy who makes us face the worst relationship.

  1. At first, the idea of getting emotionally close might scare you

The idea of being vulnerable and opening up with a guy might scare you at first and you may wish to cry because we are not all comfortable being close with someone to this level.


  1. It is okay to be the first person to say those three magical words

The idea of confessing first might scare you, but nothing can be more comforting than when they say it back to you. It shows that you both are on same page and nothing with the age-old idea that you love him more than he loves you.

  1. Your friends may have a surprising reaction to your relationship

And your committed friends who knew that you are the ‘single one’ might throw some fits and your BFF might be scared of you growing close to someone else for the first time.

  1. You will understand and forgive your friends for canceling up plans

Because sometimes you just have the urge to be with bae. You just want to stay next to him cuddling up.


  1. You can be a solid lifestyle change for one another

You can cure each other’s bad habits and may even give each other habits. Relationships have a great positive influence and you can help your lazy man become active.

  1. Working out together may not be attractive

Maybe you do not wish him to see your sweaty look and making blunders while working out.

  1. It will make you feel complete

You can be yourself and still have a relationship. You are lucky because you need not change yourself.


  1. No one is really interested in knowing your ‘how we met’ story

No one cares!! You need not go to lengths and details to tell the world how you met and how things shaped into what you are now.

  1. Everyone will try to give you relationship advice

People will give you advice on the basis of the relationship they had. Instead of trusting them, trust your instinct. Only you and your man know about your relationship and what you need.

  1. You may have fights about the dumbest of things

You can fight over the TV remote or to watch your favorite show or movie.


  1. You still need alone time

There will be times when you will wish to be alone. So make a day where you both can spend some alone time and think about things.

  1. Sometimes you will like the ugly shit because your boyfriend brought it for you

Baby, this is the best thing you could ever gift me.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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