9 Stupid Things That Happen To Your Body And Brain During Breakup!

By- Shreya Sharma

Breakups are hard and it can make you feel like you are dying. Your mind and body are going with intense crazy things making you feel like something within you are dead. You feel shattered, numb, and blank and your mind is tricking you with happy memories making you feel how great the things used to be. You might be dealing with a breaking or might have a friend in the same stage; here are 9 stupid things that happen to your body and brain during the breakup.

  1. Mixed messages

You invest your time, emotions and energy in a relationship which is why your brain comes up with the reason why you should stay in the relationship. The more you think, the more it will have the positive or negative impact on your breakup. This may end up giving you mixed feelings.


  1. You feel pain physically

When you breakup, the area in our brain that registers physical pain actually lights up. That is why you feel your heart cracking up when you break up. Your body tricks you into feeling physical pain.

  1. Your immunity system goes down

Breakup leads to increased stress level and while dealing with this, it creates more work for your mind and body to re-balance things. Your stress can affect your body in many ways like cold, flu or something serious. Getting sick is your body’s way to tell you to slow down.

  1. You stalk them obsessively on social media

You might feel the urge to check your ex’s Facebook posts or read your old messages. This your brain’s way to get a dopamine from already established situations. When you are in a relationship, looking at your partner or planning something with them gives your mind a boost of feel-good dopamine which motivates you as well. But looking at pictures of your ex will bring more pain as it will make you want to connect again but your desire will not be met.


  1. Identity crises

A breakup can make you question yourself and what type of partner you are attracted towards. If you were in an unhealthy relationship, you get tangled in your partner’s identity and breaking up with them makes you feel confused. You feel a part of you is missing. Use your alone time to get to know the real you.

  1. You are desperate to talk to your ex

Oxytocin is a positive feeling hormone that is released when you have sex, during childbirth, breastfeeding, hugging and kissing and makes you feel bonded with your partner. When you breakup, you lose the main reason for the oxy boost. This makes you desperate to reconnect with your ex even if you do not want to, just to experience the oxytocin again.

  1. You feel isolated

You feel isolated and disconnected with what is going on in the life of your friends or family. It can also be because you lose contact with people when you get in the relationship because of the urge to be with your partner for most of the time. You feel lonely which makes you think that relationships are important for survival.


  1. Your stress level increases

A breakup can increase stress hormone. It feels terrible and it can also negatively impact your metabolism, blood pressure, and mental clarity. When going through the breakup, find healthy ways to deal with stress.

  1. It is hard for you to control your emotions

Anger and sadness are informative emotions to feel, even though most people would note that they don’t enjoy feeling this way. Anger propels us forward, encourages us to examine situations more closely and then to act. If your breakup makes you feel angry, really think about why and what that means for you. If you’re feeling sad, get to the root of it. Explore what being broken up with means to you and about you. You may find some valuable information about yourself. Focus on where you feel it in your body, and try to explore it without judgment.


Source –  Tumblr

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