6 Things You Must Know About Your Sensitive Lady-Parts!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our vagina has a brain of its own and knows how to clean itself on its own, it helps us give birth to babies and have a smell and taste of their own. Your vagina is covered by vulva, the place where pubic hair grows and protects your vagina and it is up to you how to treat them. Though the vulva is little harder than vagina but both are still pretty sensitive and needs to be kept healthy. Here are 6 things you must know about your sensitive lady-parts.

1. You can wash your vulva but do not wash your vagina
You can wash your vulva but do not even consider washing your vagina because the vaginal discharge is its natural cleaning process. The discharge can be white, clean or yellow but as long as it does not have odor, itching, bleeding or pain, it is normal. To clean your vulva all you need is a washcloth and not those scented, mild soaps or loofahs. A simple wipe down is all you need to do.


2. Some contraception may cause irritation

You might be sensitive or allergic to latex condoms or chemicals and ingredients in lubricants. Finding the right contraceptive is necessary rather than avoiding using any. If you see intense redness, itching or burning in the area of contact, then it could be an allergy but if these symptoms are less intense, it means you are allergic to some chemical. Tampons, menstrual cups or contraceptive rings too can cause irritation due to the friction caused. They can also lead to bacteria if not cleaned or changed regularly.

3. Tight jeans can have a negative result

If your vagina is sensitive, tight clothes can create friction against the sensitive tissues which can lead to microscopic tears. You may feel discomfort or discoloring or even some type of infection. Plus tight clothes trap moisture in the area which can lead to yeast infection or other skin infections. Do not wear skinny jeans especially with a pair of thongs.

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4. Toilet paper to your rescue

The skin of the vulva is very delicate as much as under the eye skin, so if any product causes irritation under eye then do not use it on vulva or vagina either unless it for medical purpose. You can use white toilet paper, washing your underwear, sheets, towels and other things that come in contact with your lady part with unscented detergent.

5. Choose the right underwear

Cotton and likewise breathable natural fabrics are a good choice for your skin. If you want to try another fabric than look for the ones that has cotton fabric on the part against your genitals. Cotton allows better ventilation and wicks away moisture which can cause friction between skin and the garment. If you catch infection fast, say good bye to your thongs.


6. Avoid douching

Douching, where vagina is washed out with liquids, may interfere with important bacteria that help keep your vagina healthy and infection-free. Douching remove such healthy bacteria and give space to bad bacteria to move in. You may douche to feel clean during that time of month but actually your vagina is cleaning on itself during that time.

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