8 Signs You Are Becoming Your Mother!

We love our mom and we have grown so close to her that we are a part and parcel. People call us one another’s reflection. We are so close that we try and imitate her at every stage. Here we present you signs that you are becoming your own mother.

  1. You collect everything

From wrapping sheet to poly bags, you collect everything as your mom does to use it in future. You believe in future planning of these small things.

  1. You look like your mother

Not only your actions and gestures are like your mother but you resemble her way too much. People call you Xerox of your mother.

  1. You carry mini pharmacy with you

You have all the necessary medicines in your purse. You are like a running chemist. Any one in problem, there you are with your medicines.

  1. You cut out and collect all the coupons

If you find any discount coupon in magazine or newspaper or through any retailer, you store them. And you as well as make sure that you redeem them within the stipulated time.

  1. You advice like your mom

Your advices are more like your mom. The way she says not to wash your head on such and such day. And you pass on the same advice to others in a same manner.

  1. Friday night means sleep for you

Unlike others you prefer to have a sound sleep on Friday nights. You do not wish to step out with your friends for a party, rather you prefer your bed and sleep.

  1. You ask the waiter to pack the leftover

It is like your birth right to get the leftover packed for home in a restaurant. You have grown up watching this and now you are preaching the same.

  1. You learn your habits from your mom

It is like your mother has learned it from her mother and you are learning the same from your mother. The habit of being stubborn “not to visit a doctor when sick” or “the eating habits”. You know what we mean.

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