8 College Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Bag!

By- Anuja Pandey

Pack your bags and get ready for awesome days at college with all craziness and bunks and parties. Remember you always have to look fabulous when you are in college around everyone.

Get your bag and pack all the stuff and look fresh always:

  1. Notebook and a Pen

Make notes or tear a page and make chatting chits. Always carry a notebook and pen around. Sometimes it’s fun, there’s so much you can do when you have these stuff with you.

  1. Mint or Gum:

I personally use this to stay awake in class, decide your favorite gum and stay awake in class or fight with weird smell of breath if there’s any.

  1. Sun glasses

Do you travel to your college, of course you do. You definitely need to protect your eyes. Always carry your sun glasses and keep it near to you. God knows when you need them.

  1. Hair bands

Let your hair flow freely but what if the weather want you to keep it tied up. Let them reflect your mood from being playful to being serious and enjoy your fab look with your hair.

  1. Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hand clean, because you don’t know where and what you touch while you are in college . Keep your hand clean before you eat.

  1. Deodorant

Always smell great when you need to be.

  1. Lip balms

Glossy and naughty lip balms to show naughty side you. Your favorite color your favorite lip balm.

  1. Wipe Tissues for your face:

Keep your face clean and fresh with wet wipes for your soft skin.

Love yourself and your body no matter where you are.

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