15 Weird Things Girls Do When We Go To Bathroom Together!

By- Shreya Sharma

People especially men wonder why we go to the bathroom together! We go together not just because we are comfortable doing things near each other, but because there are many other things as well that we do there. This is our time for gossip, crying and spilling the deepest of secrets. It is natural for us; it is like we do not wish to miss out on any gossip. Plus we can also borrow makeup and o a little touch-up. We can be doing shocking and strange things there. Here are 15 weird things girls do when we go to the bathroom together.

  1. Gossip

When we go to the washroom in groups, we usually gossip about how lame your action was or about the girl wearing a ridiculous dress. We just lay it all out and discuss everything. And if we are few drinks down, the gossiping can go even a bit further.


  1. Fix up

We need to touch-up our makeup at some time. When we go to the washroom in the group, primping is something we all do. We borrow makeup from our friends and help them adjust the dress, make-up, and hair. We check if the panty line or bra strap is visible or not. We just want to look the best.

  1. Boost confidence

This is where we boost one another’s confidence and make sure that the other girl knows that she is beautiful and fabulous. We usually do it when one of us have a fight with their boyfriend, or if her man’s ex is also there or when they are just low. We are one another’s support.

  1. Making new friends

A drunken girl in the bathroom can be a possible BFF. Just some compliments about their dress and shoes are enough to make a super girl gang. Even in daylight, being in the shopping mall and going to the bathroom can help us make friends.


  1. Selfie session

When we go to the washroom in the group, we probably click thousands of selfies; scan them and when everyone agrees about the same picture, we upload that. It is the perfect place for the picture as we can even get mirror selfie.

  1. Talk about boys

When we are in the bathroom, we talk about all the hot and cute guys we have seen in the club, mall or restaurant. We help one another in deciding whether the guy looking at us is worth our time or not. We can even talk about our boyfriend and how someone’s man is acting like a jerk.

  1. It is the quiet time

The guy we are with can be acting weird, the music can be loud or the club can be too crowded, but washroom smells flowery, might have quiet music playing and we along with our girls can relax and find some quiet time. We can easily discuss important things over there.


  1. Sense of security

It is not safe for a woman to be in public alone. So, when we travel to the bathroom together, we feel the sense of security. We might do weird things there but we feel safe that we will not be alone in the scary situation. If someone is acting creepy, we make sure we bring in our girls with us.

  1. Exchange of sanitary products

It could be because our times of month have synced up. This is the time when we can exchange pads and tampons and talk about how messy and frustrating it could be. We talk about the cramps and evil bloating. We cannot publically ask for tampons or pads and thus going to the bathroom together helps.

  1. To cry

When we feel like crying, we rush to the washroom. This happens when we are a little too drunk or because we are little too bothered about something. We may regret crying later. But the bathroom is the place we can easily cry over with having our BFF by our side. And then we can do the little touch-up and disguise our tears.


  1. To confess

It is the place we make confessions about how the guy with weird looks is looking cute to one of us. We confess our darkest thoughts to our BFF in the bathroom. And we cannot share it in public because someone else could possibly hear to our embarrassing stories.

  1. Pep talk

We talk about the girl from our group who is flirting with the cute guy or our ex who accidentally showed up. This is where we make plans on how to start talking about the hot guy in the club. We advise one another on how to handle things.

  1. The escape plan

We gather up in the bathroom to laugh, cringe over the situation where a creepy man is trying to get our number and are thankful that it is a male free area. This is where we can breathe and relax.  You can easily escape from any situation in their presence.


  1. Because of FOMO

You might be enjoying, but when you see your girls going to the washroom in the group, you understand that there is something that you can miss out on. You know there might be juicy gossips and you just do not wish to miss out on that. You can just stand there and pretend to fix up your hair, but you still get to know all the gossip and you do not miss out on anything.

  1. Expressing true feelings

It’s when we’re sitting on the bathroom floor together that our true feelings are exposed, and the emotional heart to heart will commence. We can cry about our problems and reveal our darkest feelings about life and existence. Heart to hearts are a beautiful part of being a girl because of how emotional and sensitive we are, and it’s comforting doing them with the sanctuary that is the bathroom. It’s a communal gathering place where we bond and have our heart to hearts.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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