12 Signs You Are Being Selfish In The Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is not easy to know if you are being selfish in your relationship. We all can be selfish at times, especially when we need something. But if this selfishness does not remain occasional and turns into a behavior, this is a matter of concern. A happy and healthy relationship requires a perfect balance and even the slightest change can affect your relationship a lot. Do not neglect your happiness because you can make your partner happy only when you are happy. Being too selfless shows your unconditional love but the other person can take you for granted. Whereas being selfish shows you are too self-centered and for you, your needs are more important than everyone else’s needs. You got to make a balance between being selfless and being selfish. Here are 12 signs you are being selfish in the relationship.

  1. You find flaws in your partner

You find flaws in your partner and expect them to change because you think they are not good enough for you. You might be having same flaws in you but you consider those are not significant in your case and you need not change them.


  1. Laziness

Are you of those who are only excited doing things of your interest and feels bored when it comes to doing something that your partner wants to do? It could be anything like shopping or doing chores. If you are excited just about your things and sharing things your partner enjoys does not overwhelm you, then you are one selfish person.

  1. You have things your way

When you have a discussion about things with your partner and you usually end up getting things your way, even if it upsets your partner, then you are selfish. Your partner might give in because they love you unconditionally, but they will soon start to feel that their needs are not addressed.

  1. You feel your partner is nagging

Your partner might ask you for a thing several times, and you may consider it nagging. But it is because you are not listening to what they are saying. They are not trying to annoy you. In a happy relationship, people try to keep each other happy.


  1. You think what you do is more important

You may have the better paycheck, but that does not mean you should be given preferential treatment. If you feel you are more important in a relationship and your opinion matters more, then you are being selfish.

  1. You want things your way

You always like to do things your way or go to the places where you want to go. And if your partner coaxes you to do something that he wants to do, then you sulk in. If your partner agrees to what you want to do, you feel good and cozy up with your partner.

  1. Your ego plays a role

You do not like losing the argument or ending the discussion that goes against your way. For you, it is a sign of weakness. You throw tantrums and fit just to win the situation.


  1. You do not trust your partner

You love your partner, but do not trust them completely. You believe only you can make yourself happy. You look out for your needs first before looking for your partner’s needs, because you think this is what you will be doing anyway.

  1. You cannot help being unselfish

You may try your best to put your partner’s needs first and love them unconditionally, but you cannot help pampering yourself first. You look for best deals for yourself in everything you do with your man.

  1. Competitive

Being competitive is good but the competition should be healthy. You cannot put your partner down to win something for yourself. If you have a lot of work and you sweet talk your partner to leave their work so that you can do well in your work, then you are selfish.


  1. Emotional blackmail

Emotional manipulation is always a selfish low blow, however, you look at it. Your partner may eventually accept defeat and come your way, but not without resentment and annoyance at the back of their mind. If you want something, communicate with your lover. Hurting your lover emotionally and manipulating them into giving in is a selfish way of winning arguments.

  1. No apologizes

If you find it hard to say sorry to your partner when you know you are wrong and you hurt them, instead you try to defend them then you are being selfish. You can say sorry to them to get your work done, but not when you should actually say it. on the other hand, you get angry when your partner does not apologize for his mistake, but you find it hard to do it when you are wrong.


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