15 Signs You Have Started Crushing On Him (And You don’t Even Realize)!

By- Shreya Sharma

You cannot trust your feelings when it comes to love, you will be standing clueless and your heart will plan to trick you by fluttering for a guy. Your feelings may surprise you anytime and you will not be having any control on them further on. It is important to know when you start to develop feelings for someone new. Here are 15 signs you have started crushing over him.

  1. Daydreaming about him

If you are sitting idle, and he is in your mind, you like him. He will not pop into your mind for any other reason.


  1. He is your first thought in morning

As you wake up, he is your first thought and he is your last thought when you go to bed.

  1. You fumble in his presence

We get nervous in front of people only when we like them. So, if you fumble when he enters the room, then you know how you feel about him.

  1. You make efforts with your appearance

If you dress up your best when you know he will be around, you like him. Otherwise, you will not care about what you wear or his opinion of you.


  1. You think about him constantly

You might try your best to focus on your work, but he keeps pop into your head. you just cannot stop thinking about him.

  1. You analyze the things he says

You think about his ‘hello’ for the rest of the day. Then you analyze his tone and words to know how he feels about you.

  1. You get jealous

When he talks with other girls, do you feel jealous? Do you want to be the only girl talking to him? You like him.


  1. You talk about him constantly

You bring him in every conversation, even when you do not have to say anything important about him.

  1. Staring

When you are in the same room, you cannot help but look at him.

  1. You stalk him on social media

If you scan through his social media accounts and try to find out about the girls with him in his picture, then you have the crush on him.


  1. You feel sad when you do not talk

You feel depressed when you cannot talk with him or see him. Seeing and talking with him is your motivation to wake up in the morning.

  1. You cannot concentrate

Whenever you start working, your mind starts to wander. His thoughts do not let you concentrate.

  1. Everything reminds you of him

The food, the flowers, the books, the place, everything reminds you of him.


  1. His stupid actions are cute for you

Even when he sings the song while his earphones plugged in, you find it adorable.

  1. He texts excite you

When you hear your phone buzz, do you feel thrilled if it is his name? Do you secretly wish it to be his message? You like him.


Source –  Tumblr

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