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23 Things You Should Say Screw You In Your Twenties!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your twenties is fun and crucial time of your life. You got to make the maximum of it. This is the time when you are not bound by restrictions. You have friends and time to spend with friends. You have so many career opportunities in your way and you just have to be careful choosing the one. Putting too much of pressure on your twenties will not lend you anything. You will regret not be the ones who has stories of her twenties and draining your twenties with so much of career and life pressures. Enjoy your twenties the way you want. Here are 23 things you should say “screw you” in your twenties.

  1. The idea of making a lot of money

Money cannot buy happiness but sure it can make you buy things that can make you feel happy. Money is awesome and if it makes you a little bit materialistic, who cares as long as it is making you happy.


  1. The curious buff

If you have that curious bug in you, there is no harm in it. It is never bad to be willing to gather information. Having curiosity about other’s life is normal human behavior. You know how to avoid crossing line and that is it.

  1. Hating people who intrude your personal space

Wanting to spend some alone time is not a wrong thing to ask for. It is completely okay if you want your personal space and people around you for a long time disturbs you. There is nothing wrong with you.

  1. Being a critic to people

Criticism is blunt sometimes. Saying things without sugar coating them and covering them in layers is not being mean. If people cannot handle it, it is their problem.

  1. Biting nails

It may gross people out, but then the urge to bite your nails is something that is hard to resist. You need not be self-conscious for having a visible flaw. Your nails, your rules!


  1. Feeling like a child when you have to make adult decisions

Sometimes making decisions about the certain situation can make you feel stressed and panicking like a kid. Thank god, we have people around to help us deal with the problem.

  1. Regretting going to college

Sure, your college gave you a bunch of friends, some life altering events and helped you grow. But spending so much of money to get the classes about the things that you will never utilize is what makes us feel regret. We all wonder had we not done that, our life would be simply different or we could have worked on the things that will give us experience.

  1. Giving advice that you do not follow

This is something we all do.

  1. Hating the online persona of people

Watching people build a contradictory person online is sure to boil anyone’s blood. It makes us feel how fake people can be. We all are guilty of doing it and present ourselves in a way that people feel more interest in us. A little bit of lie is fine but acting completely fake about themselves is infuriating.

  1. Animal love

Dogs are cute, dogs love, dogs are trustworthy and they do not leave you.


  1. Being away from exhausting people

There are people who you just dislike and you have no explanation for that. There will be people who will feel the same way about you. So deal with it and learn to let go.

  1. Big no to liars

Outright lying to people is absurd and not acceptable.

  1. Loving your favorite celebrity

It is completely okay to be crazy about any celebrity. You need that craziness in your life.

  1. Washing your hair less frequently

It is totally your call to wash your hair twice a week or once a week or when they start smelling. You have all the liberty with your hair and plus you have so many hairstyles to hide it, of course, if you want.

  1. Un-friending your ex from your life

Not everyone is kind hearted and strong enough to be friends with their ex. It is okay not to want them in your news feeds or friends circle. You broke up for a reason after all.


  1. Splurging money in salon

There is nothing wrong spending money and time in salon giving yourself the much-needed pampering.

  1. Giving your number to someone random

This might sound being too desperate, but you never know when you end up meeting someone new, exciting that can turn into something good. There is no harm in taking the chance if your instinct says so.

  1. Having reservations when it comes to dating

There is nothing wrong with taking a chance and having your standards to be met by the guy. If you have trust issues, the guy need to deal with them. Giving chance does not mean you cannot have standards.

  1. Finding people boring

Who likes to be around boring people? There is nothing wrong with having intelligent conversations and willing to be around smart people. It is boring to be around people who pretend to be interested in something and being a freak at that.

  1. Do not wish to share food

There is nothing to feel bad about if you do not wish to share your food with everyone. You need to calm your stomach down as well.


  1. Buying gifts for people

If you loving giving gifts to people that are your call. If they do not like it, there wish. It is just a way of showing love to give someone something and not expecting anything in return.

  1. Not supporting your friend’s decisions

Being a good friend does not mean you have to agree with everything they say or do. You love them, adore them and respect them but you can even say that you do not agree with their decision.

  1. Procrastination

There is nothing wrong in pushing things till the last date, all that matters is you get it done.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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