8 Reasons why you should go on a solo trip

Whenever we are out on a trip with our family or friends or partners or with anyone else, we always notice that one person on our trips who planned to travel alone. Something else that we also notice is that the same person is more calm, happy and peaceful while we have our emotions scattered all over the place. Ever wondered why is that? Why are they in a better state while you are the one having a trip with some company? Well it is time for you to have a solo trip too so that you can find out the reason behind it. Well here is a little heads up to what you may find if you go on a solo trip.

  1. Peace

When you are on a solo trip you are going to find peace. You will find yourself in a state where you don’t have to do things and answer people against your will. On your solo trip you are your own boss and you are going to do whatever you feel like and that will give you utter joy and peace from within.


  1. Fulfilment of the bucket list

When you have company in your trip you have to split the number of things you wish to do for other’s ‘to do’ list to fit in. You don’t have the enough amount of flexibility to do things on your wish. But on a solo trip it is different, you can plan your trip and make changes whenever you want, to make sure that you complete your bucket list.


  1. New People, New story

On your solo trip you are going to find new people around, and with those new people you are going to build up your small little story of your own. You will get to know about them more, and in the course it might happen that you will learn something from them to make your life better.


  1. You will be open for experiment

When you are on a solo trip there is no restriction to your limits, so you have no problem experimenting on new things. You usually have to take the consent of other people when you have company, but on the other hand when you are solo you are free to break your own rules and do whatever you wish to.


  1. New Standpoint

Going solo helps you to come out of your casual self and explore the world in a better way, therefore changes your way to view the world. You see the world in a different way and that somewhere helps you to make your life better. You are more happy and lively.


  1. Know yourself better

Going solo helps you to know yourself better. When you are out by your own self you are actually giving yourself time to think more about you. You self talk on the way, you explore your limits and therefore know more about yourself.


  1. Getting answer to questions

There are times when you have questions in your mind you cannot find an answer to, because you are always surrounded with people and you don’t have enough time to think on them. When you are on a solo trip you still have the questions in your mind but this time you have time and space to think on them and eventually you come up with some answers on the way.


  1. Experience worth saving for lifetime

Going solo gives you an indifferent experience. You may not get a chance to click and save a picture of that moment, you may not find any belonging to be able to connect to experience but it will still be with you all your life.


Well these are the few things that you might get to experience if you go on a solo trip and it is highly suggestible that you must have a solo trip once in a while to know yourself and world better.

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