10 Signs You Are Afraid Of Dating Than Being Forever Alone!

By- Shreya Sharma

Not everyone can stay single forever and not everyone can be into dating always. There are some girls who love to date and always have boyfriend and come to every party with them only and then there are girls who are happy being single and are social butterflies. It is not that they do not like the idea of dating but it is their own wish to stay single rather than being in a relationship that is going nowhere. There is nothing wrong in being single but sometimes it leads to a fear of dating. Here are signs that show you are afraid of dating than being forever alone.

  1. You have had some awkward dates in past

Okay, this is one valid point meeting a guy who plans for your next dates in advance on the first date is horror or if he looks nowhere same to his profile picture or if he is way too boring that you do not wish to continue this and have to call your BFF for some help.


  1. You do not want to change your life

You are so happy in your life that you do not want to change your life. You are happy with the friends, family, career and schedule you have and you cannot afford changing it for someone. You are one free soul who does not want to be tamed.

  1. You do not want a stranger to intervene

No one can make you feel inferior until you give them the opportunity. You had been with so many traumatizing past dating events. You have been insulted by guys and passed of mean comments by them that you are totally turned off by this dating thing.

  1. You dislike taking so many decisions all together

It is fine if it is just up to you and for you but it irritates you when you have to think about what to wear, where to go, was it fun to be with him or what to eat or any other such stupid question.


  1. You are afraid of getting close to someone

You any how manage to get reason to stop seeing the guy or meeting him. Or sometimes they understand your unwillingness and they discontinue being with you. Your friends think you are picky but you just do not want someone to be close to you because you know it hurts eventually when they go away.

  1. Your backstories stop you

For some, it could be their so many dating stories and for some it could be their inexperience in dating that holds them from dating more.

  1. Your friends dating stories restrict you

It is either your friend is too fast in changing boyfriends or it could be the one who always have a showdown with her boyfriend and then turn up mushy-mushy. Both the cases are enough to stop you.


  1. You are looking for Self-awareness

You are too naïve to figure out yourself. You are still working on yourself and meeting someone means to share what you are with them like what you love, what are your goals and every other thing.

  1. You do not want to get hurt

Not always you and the person you are dating on same intensity and level. It could be that you want to continue but he may not want to do that or it could be vice versa. You know things may lead to breakup. And this is one reason for you to stay single forever.

  1. You are too busy to date

We all are busy and you use this as an excuse to date. But think about whether anything in your calendar can change so you can go on a date if you really want to. You never know it could be a good one.

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