Being Single For Too Long? 10 Things You’ll Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are so many girls out there who are single and Being single since birth is my way to deal with singlehood. And I am really happy and rocking being single. Many people find being single much more fun and fulfilling than being in a relationship while some strive to get mingle. Here are the things you will understand if you are single for too long.

  1. You do not believe in the concept of sharing.

Be it food, bed or personal space you dislike those who try to encroach your things that you would love to have for you only.


  1. You never believe that so and so person likes you.

When someone says “that guy likes you or is totally into you, ” you think they are making fun of you.

  1. You probably remember the exact date of your last hook up.

And there is an irregular interval in between those events

  1. Your friend circle is trying to get you mingle

They are all in this game of trying to make you meet a man of your choice.


  1. Your friends ask you about which gender you are into?

*Eye roll*

  1. You know how to spend time alone!

Remember those days spend reading the novel or sleeping throughout the day.

  1. You can have privacy.

You have all the privacy to stay in your pajamas with the acne pack on and those messed up hair.


  1. You rarely go through intense arguments.

Yeeaaaahhh!! You are not even sure when you last participated in screaming contest with your family or friends.

  1. You need not balance friendship and relationship.

You can spend all the time with your friends and join in the last minute plans.

  1. You need not worry about someone else before making any decision.

From booking a last minute weekend trip away with your friends to choosing to quit your job and go back to school, you can do anything you want – without having to discuss the choice with someone else.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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