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17 Things Every Guy Wants But Will NEVER Ask For It!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men are most of the times clear about what they want and often do not play games. Their actions can speak a lot about what they want even if they do not say it. But still, there are plenty of things that men want but will never ask for because they are afraid how you will react or how it is a social taboo. Here are 17 things every guy wants but will never ask for it.

  1. They want to have dirty sex

Most guys want dirty and wild sex. They want it to be really dirty, rolling on the floor, tearing off the clothes and wild enough that you cannot move afterward. But he will never ask for it. Ask your man about his fantasy and do your best to work on it.


  1. More of sex

Men always want more of sex. They might not say it to you because it may seem forced to you. But you should offer him whenever you can.

  1. You spend time with your friends

Men love it when you go out with your girls. We have emotional needs that are better met by our girls. Your man wants you to shop with your friends and have the get-together.

  1. They want you to play video games with them

If a guy loves playing video games, he wants his girl to share this hobby. He wants you to join in his team and play games together. Even if you play with him once in a while, it will bring you people closer.


  1. You should do what makes you happy

They are happy to listen to you and support you, but they want you to do the things that make you happy. He will approve your decisions because he is tired of listening to the complaints.

  1. You should wear less makeup

Most guys prefer the no makeup look on women. They will love you if you wear less of makeup. But he will not say so because he knows it is your choice.

  1. They want to chase, but that should not be impossible

Guys like to chase, but it frustrates them when you make it look impossible to make a catch. Slow down once in a while and let him catch.


  1. You should order your food

He knows that you want to eat something. He wants to eat something. And he does not want you to have just one bite of his food because he knows this means sharing half of his food. He would prefer if you order your own food.

  1. He wants more kids or pets

If your man comes from a big family, he will not be content with ‘one dog and two kids’ idea. They may want more. But he will never ask you for this unless you suggest it.

  1. You should initiate

Though it is like a tradition that man should lead in the bedroom. But they want you to initiate sometimes. But he will never ask you for this because it might offend you.


  1. You should stop nagging so much

He hates it when you nag about things to him. He heard you the first time, and he did not do the things for whatever reason. It is frustrating and you cannot do anything about it, nagging will only drive him away from you.

  1. You should let him watch sports

Sports or video games are a guy’s way to relax down after a tough week. It does not mean that he loves you less if he wants to spend his time watching sports. He just needs some time for himself. So kiss him on the cheek and do your own things.

  1. You should believe that you are beautiful

For him, you are the most beautiful person. He will never understand your obsession with beauty and wants you to accept yourself the way you are.


  1. He does not want to help you revamp the room

He does not care about the color of walls, or if the photos should be hung on this wall or the other one. He knows you will do what you want, so, he wants you to enjoy yourself.

  1. He wants to spend more quality time with you

Guys too crave one-on-one intimacy moments. He wants more time with you, whether having a conversation over a coffee or watching a movie while cuddling.

  1. You should not try to change him

You should accept him the way he is. The moment you start to change him according to your needs, it gets on his nerves. He will not tell you that it bothers him, but he will just not do what you want him to do which will frustrate you both. Accept and love your man the way he is.

  1. You should quit gossiping

Guys hate it when you talk about your friend to other friends.  Especially if you start talking to the first friend like you never said anything about them at all. Just stop already! He’d much prefer that if you didn’t have anything nice to say, not to say it at all.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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