7 Teenage Dreams We Had That Got Crushed As We Grew Up!

By- Shreya Sharma

When in teenage we have multiple dreams which end soon as we strike 20s. Life is about moving forward and growing up. We just cannot stay there as it will make us backward and disconnected. Those shattered dreams, sad a few and act as a new start for some. As an adult we need to get out of our imaginary world and get in touch with the reality, create new dreams to match your goals and say bye to your teenage dreams. Here are the teenage dreams we had that got crushed as we grew up.

  1. Friends

This is the truth of life that people from our school get busy and choose different paths. And it is hard to keep the bond especially when our friends are not even putting in efforts to keep things alive. We will always find people with whom we will like to hang out, with similar interest.

  1. High school Sweetheart

Some are lucky to have a long term relationship with their childhood sweetheart but not everyone is that lucky. This dream of being with high school sweetheart crush away as we enter graduation phase and this is when you will learn a lot.

  1. Money

When we are in our teenage we hardly understand the concept that how hard it is actually to earn money, all we value our wealth is on the basis of what our parents do or earn. But then your dream gets shattered as you understand the hardship and struggles it takes to earn money and build career.

  1. Priorities

With the change in life our needs, wants, goals, dreams and priorities change. There will be other things than video games that will occupy your time. With the passing time our priorities change.

  1. Celebrity crush

We all have had that celebrity crush in out teenage that we wanted to meet but as we grow, we chide away the thought of meeting them and not only this sometimes their rude behavior and odd antics make our crush on them crush.

  1. Habits

When we are teens, we feel that our habits will always be there with us be it the habit of early to bed and early to rise but little did we knew that this is soon going to get crushed as we grow old, it is difficult for us to maintain those habits.

  1. Your teenage self

We grow and see our self, growing, compare our self to the teenage self. Now the materialistic things do not matter to you, you’ll find yourself dreaming about bigger and better things to better your life, well-being, and overall mindset.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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