6 Things that inspire you when you feel low

You come through days when you are very excited and feeling positive, there is a lot of optimism in you. In those days you know what to do, you think straight, you spread happiness and joy around you, take everything with sportsman spirit. On the other hand you are really confused and bewildered when you are feeling low, you have no trace what is going on and no clue how to revive from that kind of state. Well rejuvenating from it isn’t really a hard job if you really try. Here are few things to help you with.

  1. Engaging yourself with music

Music is proven to be one of the best motivator and inspirer. Playing any instrument or just listening to music can help you come out of your situation, but you have to be selective about the kind of music you listen to. Listening to sad music wont do the job, you have to listen to something exciting and energetic.


  1. Petting a dog

It has been scientifically proved that playing with a dog can reduce your sadness and stress up to 30% which is quiet a margin for the start. Just imagine what it is going to do if you continue playing with it and petting it for a long while.


  1. Talking to a loved one

When you are feeling low it is best to talk to a loved one, someone you know will cheer you up real quick. They know what cheers you up and they are going to put their best efforts to make it happen.


  1. Thinking about things that make you lucky

Make a list about 15 things that makes you luckier than others. It sounds really bizarre to do such things when you are feeling low but trust me, by the end of the 15 points you will feel lot better.


  1. Remind yourself about your passion

Everyone has a passion and a dream to conquer but they tend to forget it sometimes. Remind yourself about your passion and how badly you want it, you will find your shifting from a low mood to high spirited person wanting to strive to achieve what you want.


  1. Negative motivation

This may sound funny at first but negative motivation has been a part of our culture but it is so subtle we don’t see it coming. For example think of your friends moving ahead in life when you are stagnant at a place, or maybe you can think about being in more mess if you don’t act now. See how it works? You automatically start getting yourself up and moving so as to make sure your worst dreams never come true.


Well these are few suggestions which you can apply when you feel low and want to resurrect yourself from it real quick.

Skadoosh guys!

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