24 Things Only Girl Who Has Lived In Hostel Will Understand!

By- Shreya Sharma

People say college life is fun, indeed it is but this fun multiplies many folds if we are staying in hostel. From hating mess food to light night sneak outs, here are things only girl who has lived in hostel will understand.

  1. Your roommates become your extended family.
  1. You always cringe for home-made food.
  1. Rather than your friend coming back to room, you are more interested in the food she will be carrying from home.
  1. Maggie and kettle becomes your best friend. 

Source: crimsonspice.blogspot.in

  1. You are always ready to try new things. You are open to awesome-ness. 
  1. There is one room in your hostel with loud rock music. 
  1. You have the access to wear hot-short-dresses. 
  1. You have those whole night “chit-chat” or “movie-marathon” sessions. 


  1. You have mastered the art of time management. 
  1. The hostel guard is an important person as he allows you to sneak in and out late at night. 
  1. Laundry is the biggest problem of your life but now you are pro at washing clothes. 
  1. Cleaning your messy room is again a big mess. 


  1. Studies mean group studies and you know these sessions are disasters. 
  1. You either become expert at cooking yourself or you become friends with someone who makes awesome food. 
  1. Room-hopping is your favorite pass time. 
  1. You get the opportunity to celebrate all festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Eid with the same zeal.


  1. You learn new languages and new swear words. 
  1. Skype and Facetime are bliss. 
  1. You have a big wardrobe; remember you can borrow clothes from your friends as well. 
  1. You have those emotional outbursts missing your family when your extended family supports you. 


  1. You have to keep your personal things in lock to protect them from theft. 
  1. You can sleep anytime, anywhere. 
  1. You never have to go to salons because you and your friends are professional enough to get the work done. 
  1. You know all the gossips.


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