21 Odd & Bizarre thoughts crippled in mind during PERIODS!!

It was the first time you saw red dots in your underwear and went rushing to your mom all tensed and afraid. Your mom must have told you to shut up and took you into some private room to teach you the DO’s and DONT’S to be maintained while you are facing the monthly menstrual cycle. You were told to not to be vocal about it and you still write the name of the sanitary pad on a piece of paper and show it to the chemist to get it packed in a back packet.

We follow some weird customs while witnessing the greatest benediction of being a woman. Here’s a list of 21 bizarre thoughts that often crowd a woman’s mind when she is down with Periods.

  1. The stomach cramps makes me feel like someone is ruthlessly chopping my uterus and making keema out of it.


  1. I am so damn hungry that I can gulp down a chicken roll of Khan Chacha, one full plate of biriyani, French fries, and one block of ice cream as well.
  1. My small Vagina is so tired of bleeding…..please God stop this tsunami of blood.


  1. Is my boyfriend cheating on me just because I couldn’t walk and meet him today?
  1. My stomach is paining, I am bleeding like hell, still why I have the craving for having sex and that too non-stop..!!


  1. Oh lovely God! I am not pregnant……I am sure I am not.
  1. My face is looking so dull and full of pimple marks. Would I ever get rid of this?


  1. Can I just pack the washroom in my pocket…..or have magical powers like Hermoine of Harry Potter to transform the bedroom into washroom and vice-versa?
  1. Am I sleeping from times immemorial?


  1. Can there be periods without flow of blood?
  1. Do I have enough tampons in my handbag?


  1. There should be mandatory sick leaves individually granted to all females of the world in schools, colleges, universities, and offices.
  1. People should stop talking with me and just stay out of my life. Why they have to bore me with their set of issues?


  1. Shit!! Is there enough blood in my body left for the nest periods or all the blood is just flowing away in one wash?
  1. I need a back massage and also someone to stroke my hair while I am in my bed.


  1. Am I stinking like hell?
  1. Right now, I want a full jar of dark chocolates…..Just get me that.


  1. Every time I get up, I ask my friend to check if there is any stain on my dress…….And in this way, every boy in the class now knows that I am having periods.
  1. Am I too drunk or it’s just a normal feeling that everywhere I look around has blood stains?


  1. Why don’t I have enough dark shades of clothes and bed sheet?
  1. Does TV and Film actors also suffer the pain of periods? At least the way they dress up and dance, doesn’t seem so……How lucky they are!!!


These are the most common thoughts that come in anyone’s mind while in the menstrual cycle. Check which one matches with yours?

Skadoosh guys!

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