11 Things To Remember If You Aren‘t Over The Guy You Can’t Have!

By- Shreya Sharma

You like him way too much that you even thought of how your dates would be, how you would cook for him and how your kiss and cuddle sessions would be; basically, he is a total catch that cannot be yours. Yes, it hurts to know that he does not feels the same way as you do or he cannot be yours. It could be because he is in a relationship, or he recently had the breakup and does not want to be in a relationship or maybe you guys casually dated but things did not work out. Here are 11 things to remember if you are not over the guy you cannot have.

  1. He is unavailable and this is what is making him attractive

Sometimes we just want what we cannot have. He might be gorgeous, but he is emotionally unavailable for a reason and being with him means putting extra efforts to keep things going and dealing with obstacles in your relationship.


  1. Are you in a competition?

Maybe you have found his girlfriend on Facebook and you have compared yourself to her. Maybe you just want to know that you are better than her and he will just ditch his girlfriend and come running to you. But ask yourself if you want him to boost your ego or because you are in love with him.

  1. Maybe he is not the one you really want

We all want a guy in our life to cuddle up with and to have him in our Facebook relationship status, but are you sure you just want to be with him because you love him or you just want to be in love and relationship. If you want the love and relationship, find out a guy who is emotionally available.

  1. Your BFF is there to give you reality check

You might be stuck with the idea of the guy you just cannot have, losing touch with the reality. In this case, your BFF is there to give you a reality check. She will remind you of how a catch you are and how you are just wasting your time on someone you cannot have.


  1. He might not be your Mr. Perfect

He is a great friend and you might think that he will be a great boyfriend too. You have never been his girlfriend so you cannot say how it will be like to be in a relationship with him. He might be an asshole as a boyfriend so you are just sparing yourself some horror.

  1. It has nothing to do with you

When you feel for a guy too much, rejection hurts. However, the reason might not be personal but it would feel like this. Rejection is a sign from the universe to say that he is not perfect for you. You are blessed that you do not have to waste your time and love on the wrong person.

  1. Breaking contacts is a way forward

To deal with a guy you cannot have, you should cut away all contacts with him. Do not be friends; do not text him because being in contact will keep you stuck with your feelings. And when there is distance, you will see the situation clear and realize he is not meant for you.


  1. Do not let your imagination control you

You might think that he will change, but hoping so will make things worse. You should not wait for him to become the kind of guy you need or for him to love you. If that happens ever, he will cross your path again. Do not put yourself to hold.

  1. He is not the right one for you

If you are not with this guy, then he is not the right one for you. Hoping that he will change will only make you waste your energy and time that you should actually use on a guy who wants to be with you. Imagine how much you will love the right guy.

  1. Maybe your feelings are just about you

Maybe you are holding on to the guy you cannot have because you have got commitment issues. Holding your feelings for him means you will not have to risk heartbreak with another guy who is interested in you. And because of this, you might miss out on a genuine guy.

  1. He does not want to be with you

No matter the reasons for why he’s unavailable, he always had a choice to be with you. Even if he’s in a relationship, he could have chosen to leave that relationship and be with you. Even if he has commitment issues that hold him back, he could have decided to follow his feelings instead of being afraid. The fact that he’s not with you now is because he made the decision not to be.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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