28 Thoughts Every Girl Have While Applying Makeup!

By- Shreya Sharma

We girls are born beautiful but yet we prefer enhancing that beauty with a touch of makeup. Applying makeup is no less than an art, it requires patience and practice. That patience and practice session gives us multiple thoughts. Here are thoughts girls have when applying makeup.

  1. I am getting too late; I will have to make it quick.

  1. My eye brows and upper lips look bad. Ugh!!
  1. Oh that planet size pimple, how do I cover that?
  1. Mom! Where is that tweezer?

  1. I wish I had that glowing skin.
  1. Should I apply makeup or just go natural?
  1. I will try that eyeliner tutorial, I watched last night.
  1. Will this make me look to much shimmer?

  1. Should I just go with kajal?
  1. Should I go with just eyeliner?
  1. Should I apply thick liner or thin layer of liner?
  1. What about doing it winged?

  1. Will this look too much for the presentation?
  1. I do not want people to think that I have put on layers of makeup.
  1. Let me blend it well, so that it looks natural.
  1. Oh my god!! This liner!! Why cannot it be same on both the eyes?

  1. Ugh!! How do I even it out now?
  1. This eyeliner thing is such a pain; I should not have opted for this.
  1. Mere kajal would have done better and it is so easy to apply.
  1. Okay, I will apply kajal as well now.

  1. Why do I make such faces while applying kajal or mascara?
  1. Shit!! What’s the time?
  1. Oh my god!! I am already 15 minutes late
  1. Should I go for red or pink lipstick?

  1. Oh god!! I am late, I will apply pink only.
  1. Should I blend both the shades?
  1. Okay, I am done now.
  1. Now “Selfie to banti hai!!”

Source – Giphy

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