21 Things Every Woman Should Understand About LOVE!

By- Shreya Sharma

Love comes in the package and the package includes not only romance but also some hardships. It is not easy to get love, but when you get it, you need to keep a few things in mind before completely giving yourself in and allowing it to change you. We all want a guy to be crazily madly in love with us but sometimes we should know when to draw the line. There are times when you need to just walk away. Here are 21 things every woman should understand about love.

1. When it comes to a man act like a buyer and not a seller.


2. Do not let your female friends go out of your life because they are then ones to hold on as they will always be by your side and will fulfill you in a way a man cannot.

3. Remember to be beautiful inside because beauty fades away but your personality and charm stays forever.

4. The hottest guy is the douchebag to stay away from most of the times.

5. Man wants to be successful in work and relationship. So, instead of complaining about everything, make him feel successful by telling him how happy you feel with him.


6. If a guy does not chase you, in the beginning, he will not make you feel wanted in the end.

7. You should not be the one trying to prove yourself to a man, he should be the one to do that.

8. You should not doubt yourself if a guy is not into you, doubt him!

9. Do not make any man the center of your life. Even if he wants you around, you got to have some personal space. It will be great for you and your relationship.

10. It is always better to be with the nice guy rather than a good looking one. As the looks will fade but this nice guy will start looking best when you grow together.


11. Never settle for anything less than you deserve. Be picky while settling up because you will have to pay back.

12. Man does not like sad movies, but if he loves you, he will watch it for your happiness.

13. A man will do anything for you when he is love until he has you. So never give yourself completely to him, hold back a little.

14. A good resume does not ensure you a good guy. He can be a douchebag too.

15. Never send a text in the rush as it can put you in trouble. Think before you send.


16. Be someone who is hard to get instead to trying hard to get a man.

17. If you are spending time analyzing the behavior of your man with your girlfriend then he is not the one for you.

18. Men likes to chase you, the more they chase you, the more they value you. Do not give in too easily, be hard to get!

19. No one is perfect, so be confident with who you are and love yourself. Confidence is sexy.

20. If a man wants you he will make sure that you know it.

21. If you feel your relationship is doomed, just walk away.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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