15 Clear-As-Day Signs You Are Falling In Love… With Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Falling in love makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside out. The feeling of real true love starts to emerge even before you feel infatuated with your new crush. You enjoy his company before everyone else. You feel the butterflies when he is around. All you can think about is him. You cannot wait to see them again. You might be feeling emotions for your beau, but you are not sure about your emotions. If this is the case, here are 15 clear-as-day signs you are falling in love with him.

  1. You are your true self with them

You can be yourself with them without the fear of being judged. He is still there with you even when you crack bad jokes, laugh weirdly or show some OCD symptoms. You do not feel the need to impress them. You do not have to hide your quirks from them.


  1. You predict what the other person thinks

When you start to fall in love with someone, you are in tune with their emotions and feelings and you start to predict what they will say, or they are thinking. You can have the conversation with just your eyes and you start to think like him.

  1. You are not bothered by other attractive people

When you start to fall in love with your partner, other attractive people do not exist for you. All hot, sexy and handsome people just vanish away for you. Everything that you want to do is reserved for your partner because he is the best-looking person for you.

  1. You really miss them

You might spend most of your waking hours with him, but the second he is away, you start to miss him. You miss him as if a part of you is missing.


  1. Boring things turn interesting

There will be days when you will be doing boring, mundane things, but doing these dull activities with him seems interesting. Anything you do with them seems to be more fun.

  1. The songs you hear remind you of him

When you start to love someone, every random song reminds you of him. Be it a romantic song, party song or motivational song, every song remind you of him anyhow.

  1. You feel a constant high

Love can have an impact on you just like cocaine does. When you are in love, chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, and vasopressin is released into your blood stream.


  1. You talk about future

When you start to fall in love, you start to make long term plans like for the vacation for next summer break. You even discuss what you want from your beau.

  1. You can make compromises

You are there for him when he needs you the most. You are there when they are sick, when he needs you or when he wants to spend time with you. You make sacrifices for him because you love him and want to make him happy.

  1. You start to have similar interest

It is ok to have your own hobbies and interests for a healthy relationship. But when you fall in love, you start to enjoy similar things because it is fun to do them together. You actually start to like and love those interests.


  1. You want to share everything with him

You want to share every good or bad, small or big, any news with him. You want to share your joys and sorrows with him because you feel he understands you. He is your go-to person for everything.

  1. Every night does not need to be exciting

You are okay staying at home, reading a book or watching a movie together rather than going out. When you fall in love, you start to spend time as the couple and doing nothing seems normal.

  1. You feel powerful with him

When you are in love, you feel strong and powerful no matter what life throws at you. You feel powerful when you have your love by your side in the good and bad times. You feel safe and secure with them.


  1. You feel sad when he is sad

When you fall in love, you start to sync in with his emotions. When he is sad, you are sad. When he is happy, you are happy. You just know how they are feeling without him telling you.

  1. You want to show him your world

Whether it’s your childhood photos or your slightly bizarre stories you wrote while growing up, you want your beau to know everything about you. You want to do things you’ve already done before because you want them to experience it with you the second time around.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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