19 Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Insecure Person!

By- Shreya Sharma

Is your boyfriend too jealous of your male friends? Does he try to control you? Does he throw tantrums every now and then? Congrats, your man can be in the insecure state. He might be insecure because of some past relationship history or because of lack of confidence or anything, but beyond a limit, you sure must be irritated by his behavior because it is hard to tolerate that. Here are 19 signs your boyfriend is an insecure person.

  1. They try to control things

Why are my shoes not in place?

I asked you to hold my hand then why did you not?

They just want everything in perfect order and if you neglect a small detail, they that they are not important to you.


  1. They seek your approval for everything

Baby, how is this shirt? Should I wear this today?

Should I invest my money in this?

They fear rejection, so they make sure that you agree with their decision.

  1. They are emotionally demanding

You did not hug me when I entered!

You do not hold my hand!

They are so self-critical that they start blaming themselves for everything, so you need to be their emotional support.

  1. They frequently ask if you are happy in the relationship

Have I done something wrong?

This is because of their anxious nature. They want to be sure that they do not offend you to leave him.


  1. They are always alert

Is this happening for real?

They have been through so many troubles that it is hard for them to digest that things can go in their favor.

  1. They want to know everything about your schedule

Where are you right now?

What are your plans for today?

They just want to know everything about you; your work schedule, sleeping schedule, eating schedule, everything.

  1. They are jealous and possessive

Why are you looking at him?

Why do you talk with him?

Even if you assure him that you love him, he will still be jealous of the people you spend time with or talk with. He will be possessive because he does not want you to leave him.


  1. They are afraid of your friends

You are always happy with him! I have never seen you laugh at my jokes like this.

When they see you laughing hard with your male friends, they fear that you are happy with them and if they are good enough for you or not.

  1. Criticism is not accepted

Why did you call me when I was in the meeting?

He: Oh, sorry, I did not know you will have problems with that

A little of criticism pushes them towards their breaking point. They feel they have done everything perfectly.

  1. They check your social media actions

*Let me see her Facebook account*

He will observe your tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts very keenly just to find out the hidden meaning. He will check your search history every now and then.


  1. They do not have other friends

You know I do not have any friends except for you.

He never talks about his friends. He does not have any hobby. He just wishes to spend his time with you and when you are not around he just thinks about you. Maybe he had friends but he gave up on them to be with you.

  1. They fear your ex

Do you still talk with him?

Do you still have feelings for him?

He will convince himself that you possibly do not love him because you still love your ex.

  1. You are his everything

Baby, you are the only one I want to be with. You are my everything!

Initially, it is flattering to be valued so much, but later you feel pressurized to be always right and be well with him because all he has is you.


  1. You feel they hold something

Do you want to say something?

He: No, not at all!

He is so afraid to lose you that he prefers to hide his feelings, whether it is some complaint or some gesture he was planning to do.

  1. They check your phone

*Baby I need to make a call, pass me your phone please*

He might look over your shoulder or ask whom you are texting. He feels that you are hiding something from him if you are on your phone.

  1. They play blame game

Are you breaking up with me?

Whenever you have a fight, they accuse you that you do not want to be in the relationship anymore and that is why you are picking up fights with him.


  1. Their mood depends on you

Baby, why are you sad? It does not make me feel good

It is good to be in sync with your partner’s mood, but he is totally dependent on you. And this puts additional pressure on you.

  1. There is no personal space

Baby, why are you sitting so quiet?

For them, space means separation for them. They want you to be with them constantly.

  1. They apologize a lot

I am sorry, please. I accept it was my fault.

They fear to lose you, so they apologize instantly. For them, you are more important than winning the argument.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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