19 Signs Your Guy Best Friend Totally Wants To *Marry* You!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do not most of us have a guy best friend, we have put on a hold or to put it in a more fancy term, we have friend-zoned them and they are seriously into us that they do not mind seeing a future with us? Having a guy best friend is a special bond for many reasons, they do not judge you, and they do not care about how you look or what you wear and you can be just yourself with them. You know they will listen to you always. They mean the world to you and may be to them you are a little more than that. Here are 19 signs your guy best friend totally wants to marry you.

  1. Hugs!! His hugs are more than hugs!

There is something more than friendship on his side if you feel warmth and care when he hugs you. You will feel that he does not want the hug to end and wants to hold you forever.


  1. He has never ending topics to talk with you about

Guys are usually on mute mode and they do not know what to talk about, but not this guy. He has a long list of things to talk with you about.

  1. He is close to your family members and everyone close to you.

Even if he does not like a few of your family members, he will still try to maintain a cordial relationship with them. He wants everyone to agree when he proposes you for marriage.

  1. All his friends are your friends now

He wants all his friends to like you and mingles with you because he wants you to be in his life forever.


  1. He does not want to talk about anyone’s past

He feels uncomfortable when you talk about another guy for whom you had feelings and were attached to. He ignores the topic.

  1. You do couple stuff together; he is always your plus one.

You might not realize it, but you do. You go to movies together, you party together, you plan trips together because you share a great comfort level.

  1. Your male friends make him super jealous

He wants to be the only male around you. And he sees a competition and does not want to lose you for anyone.


  1. He wants to know about your life

You mean the world to him and your life matters to him the most. He asks you about your day, your work and life, in general, to stay updated about your life.

  1. He remembers more or less everything you said or told him

He listens to you carefully and what matters to you, matters to him as well.

  1. He is protective of you

Your safety and health are his top priorities. You know he is there to nurse you when you are sick. His gestures show it all.


  1. He tries to create a bond with your mother

He knows how important your mother and her decisions are to you in your life. He needs her approval when he brings the topic of marriage. And therefore, he genuinely tries to create a strong bond with her.

  1. He is great with your friends

He talks with them, loves to hang out with your friends, talks about you to them and remembers their names.

  1. He makes eye contact while talking with you

It is a clear message that he is interested in you and waiting for the day when he can hold you in his arms.


  1. He makes time for you

He manages time for you from his busy schedule. He is always there whenever you need him.

  1. Your friends think of you both as a couple

Your friends keep asking you “Really? Are you just friends?” His love and care for you make it obvious for other that he has something for you.

  1. He replies to your calls and texts instantly

You are always on his mind. If he cannot call back, he will at least drop you a text.


  1. He seeks your approval in everything

Your opinion matters to him. So, he seeks your advice and does what you want. He trusts your opinion and values them.

  1. His compliments are genuine

He wants to compliment you because for him everything about you is wonderful. Even if you are in a messed-up-early-morning look, he will have something good to say about you.

  1. He shares his feelings with you

Men usually shy away when it comes to expressing their feelings. But he will always talk about his feelings. He trusts you completely and can confide in you.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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