9 Ways You Can Get His Parents To Like You!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in a really serious relationship, you wish to meet the parents of your counterpart and take the relationship to next level. You want their parents to like you, love you and treat you like family. You want to be a part of his family and thus it is necessary to dig a perfect impression on them. They will probably take your first impression to your over-all image. Here are the ways to get his parents to like you.

  1. Dress to impress

Your first impression will create a lasting image on your partner’s parents. Do not dress sassy or too jazzed up instead keep it simple and old-school. A kurta with tights or a churidaar can be your safest look.

  1. Show up

Accept dinner invitation and be a part of regular family traditions. If you put off meeting his parents, they will assume you are avoiding them and that you do not value family.

  1. Take a gift along

Do not go empty handed. Parents want to feel respected, so take some time out and go shopping with your guy to buy gifts. Do not go overboard with your gift. Keep the gift simple that they would use or need.

  1. Offer to help

Offer help in any manner you can. Help his mother arrange the table for dinner or ask his sister, if you could help with her college decisions. These little things count as they will love the fact that you are making the efforts towards his family as well.

  1. Show an interest in their lives

Let them do the talking and show interest in their lives. If you show an interest in them, they will be more willing to learn more about you and your hobbies. This will show your patience toward things. Do not interrupt when they are telling you things instead encourage them to share more of their stories.

  1. Avoid “I know”!!

You might know everything about your man but this does not mean you have to show it off. Understand that they know him better than you. Families can get fiercely protective. So relax, and go with the flow. Do not be Miss-I-Know-It-All.

  1. No PDA please

Be graceful. Sit next to your man but do not lean into him or hold his hand or think about cuddling. Maintain a respectful distance. His parents are not stupid and know that the two of you may have been up to some mischief.

  1. Do not be too critical

Neither be critical of your man nor his parents. If they are critically teasing your man, do not be to tempted to participate and spill the beans and even his family has different political or religious belief, just let it go. A smile will just do fine.

  1. Accept their advice graciously

Do not get offensive and defensive with the advice his parents delegate to you. This could be because they care or have more experience than you. Understand and accept their advice with grace.Understand that they know him better than you. Families can get fiercely protective. Even if you’re truly-madly-deeply in love, they’ll feel like they’ve got years on you. So relax, and go with the flow.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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