17 Comebacks For All The Nosy People In Your Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all hate those who poke their nose in our privacy. You are not even interested in their life, but they just need to ask you every single detail of your life. But, no matter how much you roll your eyes or ignore their questions, they will never learn. Here are 17 comebacks for all the nosy people in your life.

  1. Hey, your nose is in my business again!

Ask them, where their nose is and when they act confused, you can hit them with this comeback.


  1. Remember when I asked for your opinion? I do not!

If someone starts giving you’re their ‘free ka advice’ even when you did not ask for their opinion, you can use this comeback.

  1. Oh, I did not tell you? It must be none of your business.

If someone feels offended if you do not tell them about something, tell them that it is not your job to inform them about everything going in your life.

  1. You are not my thong to get up on my ass

Though this is rude, but it will put your point.


  1. Solve your own problems first!

Why do you want to fix my problems first when you have plenty of your own problems.

  1. Why do you ask?

This simple question will let them realize that they have no business to invade your privacy.

  1. Do not you have your own life?

They do have and this will make them not to respond looking foolish.


  1. You are all up in my kool-aid and do not even know the flavor

It will get them confused and they will leave you alone.

  1. My privacy is not to entertain you

You are not a celebrity and your problems are not meant to be disclosed in public domain.

  1. You can stalk me on Facebook

Tell them to stop asking questions because they can stalk you just like others do.


  1. I want to give you a nasty look, but, hey! Oh, you already have that!

*some verbal slaps*

  1. My middle finger wants to give you a standing ovation

This is rude, so use it on someone who can take jokes.

  1. You should sometimes introduce your lower lip to the upper lip

This is one nice way to ask them to shut up.


  1. Sorry, but my life is more interesting than yours

Your life is better only than they are concerned about it.

  1. I found your nose, do you want it back?

This will make them clear that you are annoyed.

  1. Everyone can be stupid, but you took it to your heart.

It is stupid to try to get into someone else’s business.

  1. Roll your eyes, you might find your brain back

This is rude and funny.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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