6 Things you face when your bff breaks up with her boyfriend

Our bff is our piece of heart’s content.  We cannot breathe a day without them. From what we bought to what we eat, we share it all with them. It becomes our responsibility to stay with them through their thick and thin; thus, it is necessary to be with them when they break up their boyfriend. Here are a few things that we face after our bff’s break up with their boyfriend.

  1. Their never ending stories

After break up, all a friend gets to hear from their bff is about how they used to be, why they had fight, what all they have done for one another and so on. These are the never ending stories which a friend has to hear number of times.

  1. Helping them stalk their boyfriend

We all will admit that we stalk our bffs’ boyfriend along with them to know his where about. Or we even stalk the girl or the reason because of which our bff is in this vulnerable state.

  1. Pampering them

We pamper them like a child, taking them out on a drive or shopping, talking with them throughout, doing things that make her happy. We all have done this.

  1. Helping them move on

We try to help them forget their boyfriend and their past. We make sure that we help them overcome the trauma of separation and even at times we do bitching of the guy who put her in this vulnerable situation.

  1. Turning their tears into smiles

We become their pillow with whom they can share their stories and tears. We provide our shoulders to them to cry on. We try to make them smile. We try to cover up for all their loss.

  1. Helping them re-unite

We try and help them re-unite. We try our best to bring them back together. Making plans to meet or make them talk for their sake. We want to see them happy and if their happiness is with their boyfriend, we try our best to reconcile them.

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