7 Crazy Things Happen To Your Body While Having Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is but-obvious and known fact that body meets a lot changes after sex. Sex is no-doubt one of the most un-explainable sensation and feeling but then with those sensations come a lot of changes. Here are the crazy things that happen to your body when you start having sex.

  1. Sex often leads to more sex

The more women have sexual experience, the more likely they will have the urge to sex.

  1. Chances of UTI

The majority of sexually active women will experience UTI at some point of their life. UTIs occur when bacteria around your vaginal opening make their way up to the bladder during or after sex.

  1. You may become flushed in your face

When you are aroused sexually, blood vessels near your skin dilate giving rosy glow to your chest and face. This is normal sign that everything is working just right.  

  1. Deep state of relaxation

Sex lowers stress levels, relieves tensions and can induce restful sleep, making you fall into deep state of relaxation.

  1. Increases your pain threshold

When you are sexually aroused, women’s pain threshold increases which makes you feel less pain as compared to the times when you are not engaged sexually.

  1. Queefing becomes normal

Queefing can happen during vigorous sex sessions and it is really embarrassing though it is normal. It is the sound that is heard when an air pocket is pushed out of vagina. Sex is not the only time when queefing occurs, woman face this during other physical activities as well.

  1. Sudden urge to urinate

Even though you do pee after sex, you might again feel the sudden urge to pee. This could be due to physical pressure on your bladder as your G-spot swells; it puts extra pressure on your bladder which generates the sudden urge to urinate.

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