15 Signs You Are One Hella Strong Woman And You’ve No Idea!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have doubted our strength and thought that we are not capable enough. There is no need to feel ashamed if you too have such thoughts because you are not alone. We all have experienced this insecurity at one point of our life. Sometimes we do not understand the strength we have and think it is better to go with the flow. But we really need to understand our strengths. Here are 15 signs you are one hella strong woman and you have no idea.

  1. You can make yourself happy

If you can be happy on your own, you are one strong woman. If you can do things on yourself and make yourself happy, then you are strong. Allow yourself to change if you think you cannot be alone and grow.


  1. Criticism is always welcomed

Most people cannot handle criticism. You are strong if you do not care about negative comments. You listen to them, value them and know which are positive and which are plain destructive. The more you accept criticism, the more you teach yourself.

  1. You are compassionate

Just because woman sounds calm, polite and caring, does not mean she can be the same all time. It takes a lot of practice to become compassionate which makes you a strong woman. You know being angry all time will never get you anything.

  1. Always present

Strong women always present at all times. If you can live in the moment and enjoy yourself no matter how your life is treating you, you are the strong woman. You somehow find a way to be present even in the stressful times of your life.


  1. You do not yell

People find it easy to yell, go wild and mad rather than staying calm. If you can keep your calm and find it easier to not yell all the time, then you are the strong woman. People will get more positive vibes from you and you can spread love and care.

  1. You can express your feelings

If you are not afraid to express your feelings and do not mind speaking your opinion out loud, then you are strong. You know people may disagree with your opinion but you say it anyway. Not everyone can be this strong.

  1. You follow your instinct

You find it easy to connect with your inner-self and have deep conversations. You understand and follow your instinct. Your instinct helps you sort out and clarify things. You are strong when you can understand and trust your instinct.


  1. You can ask

You are strong if you are not afraid to ask anything. People usually feel that asking for something makes them seem weak and are scared to ask for things. You are strong when you know there is nothing wrong with asking out something from someone.

  1. You eventually lean on others

If you are strong, you lean on people eventually but before that, you try to deal with the storm on your own because you know you are strong enough. You know we all sometimes need to lean on people, but before that, you try your best to deal with the hardship.

  1. You believe in love rather than fight

If people come to you in their negative phase of life, it because they know you are a person with love, care, and positive feelings. You are a strong woman if love and positivity come to you naturally. You do not have to put efforts to have love and care.


  1. You are not a people pleaser

Most people do things that please others and make others feel happy. They change themselves to make other’s happy which turn them into a depressed person. You are strong if you do not give a shit about what people think and expect from you. You want to make yourself happy.

  1. You can forgive yourself

We all do crazy mad things and later on realize that we did something utterly crazy and then we go back home and cry for being stupid.  If you find it easy to forgive yourself for the stupid things you did, then you are one strong person. You can accept the wrong choices you made and move on.

  1. You have high standards

You are not afraid to accept that you have high standards. You are a strong woman who always chases to attain the hundred percent of things and pushes people higher because you know they can do it. You have high standards for yourself and others.


  1. You can call people on bullshit

Strong people don’t mind being seen as the bad guy in the room if it means letting someone else know that their attitude is negatively affecting others. Calling other people out and telling them they are complete BS is like focusing on how you can tweak that person’s attitude and make them realize things.

  1. You do not mind saying NO

We know saying yes is always the easier option but saying no is the most difficult thing. You are strong when you do not mind saying NO to things that you do not find appealing. You know saying NO will have more positive impact on your future. It shows that you have the guts to choose the different route.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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