14 Weird Dirty Daily Habits We Aren’t Much Guilty Of!

By- Shreya Sharma

There is some stuff, we cringe and make faces as we consider them gross in public, but in real we all are guilty of doing the same. The level of things being gross depends upon us if we do the same things we find them less gross, but if those are out of our dictionary, we feel free to raise our eyebrows and make weird faces. We ladies do more gross stuff in comparison with men. Here are 14 weird dirty habits we are not much guilty of!

  1. Not washing our hands after peeing

We all are guilty of it at some time and it could be because of any reason, it could be that we are too busy or running late, or it is too cold or it is the middle of the night and we are sleepy as fuck. We start reasoning within self that oh, it is not the pee that we touched, we are not going to touch anyone now etc. but we should always wash our hand before we touch food or someone else.


  1. Sharing our toilet habit

We do not mind sharing our toilet habits with our friends. We tell them about our visits in a day too. We forget that some people do not want to hear about our poop and its quality and find it super gross to talk about. Save these conversations for your close friends and family.

  1. Try other’s drink

We all have done this, we all order for various things thinking “share kar lenge”. You are sure to try every drink on your table to know their flavor and test so that you can choose your favorite drink for the next time. You do it without thinking. But the gross part it, you share the same straw and glass, which means they too have used it and you have no clue where their mouth was in recent past or if they have any oral problem.

  1. Sniffing our clothes to check if they are sweaty

You have been out all day, and now straight from there you have to go and meet your friends and you sure do not want them to run away from you because of your body odor. So, you lift up your arm and sniff to make sure that you still smell fresh. Of course, you will not be doing it in public. And if your wish to re-wear any piece of clothing, you sniff it off to check if it is not stinky.


  1. Not showering before the act

Sometimes the things just turn so passionate and heated up; you do not bother about cleaning up. You will not think about it then, but think about how your parts would be sweaty especially if you at work all day or at the gym. You have no clue what all you may end up tasting, so it better to shower before the act.

  1. Using face wipes instead of showers

There are those days when we just do not wish to take a shower because it takes a lot of efforts. And that is when face wipes come to our rescue. You have become a pro at it, and you know in which order to wipe your body parts.

  1. Licking our finger

It feels gross when people eat food with their hands and then lick their fingers. And if the person licking their finger is easting the food that you dislike, it is disgusting. It is not hard to go and wash your hands instead of licking your food dipped finger.


  1. Not changing bed sheet

There are many people who do not change their sheet often enough. It is gross to leave the same sheet on your bed for weeks and months. Your sheet may even get a period stain or some other bodily fluids while doing the act solo or with someone. We even shed dead skin cells and hair on our bedsheet. Even if your sheet does not look dirty, it is still dirty.

  1. Using our phone in the toilet

We all have been guilty of doing this. Almost we all are glued to our phone and take it even to the washroom with us. People chat with their friends or play games or scan their social networking sites while doing their routine rituals in the toilet. We are so habitual to it, that the day we forget to take it with us, is the day we get bored in the washroom. But the fact is, your phone can get contaminated with poop, if you do not wash your hands properly and can catch more bacteria.

  1. Scratching ourselves

Most of us just have the habit of roaming around scratching, for some it could be because they have not washed their head, for some it could be because of some skin irritation or for any reason. We all scratch our bits and bumps and ears and sometimes even get earwax to our finger which is gross. We all have scratched our nether region now or then.


  1. Re-wearing dirty clothes

When you are too busy, you hardly find time to get done with the laundry business. So we end up wearing the same pair of jeans over and over again before getting it washed, which is fine because jeans are durable and do not get dirty easily. The gross part is we wear the same bra over and over again and forget that it is close to our arm pit and can catch a lot of bacteria. We wear the same socks as well again and again.

  1. Eating food fallen off on dirty surface

We all have been through this when we are about to put the food in our mouth and it falls off, but who cares? We pick it up and eat it. We all have that three-second rule that we preach since our childhood. Not only your floor is one dirty surface, but you also eat the chips fallen off on your laptop about which you have no clue as to when it was last cleaned.

  1. Phlegm

There are many reasons for which you might have that phlegm at the back of your throat. It could be because you are sick, it could be because you have a nasal problem or because you are a smoker. When you have it, you try to get it out of your body. You go to the washroom and cough until it is all up. We know this is gross, but we have to deal with it.


  1. Looking at stuff that comes out of us

Our body produces all sort of gross stuff. We definitely check what goes into the toilet bowl from time to time, for size and consistency. We also check our periods, whether that’s also in the toilet bowl or in a sanitary product. We check the tissue that we sneeze into. We check the discharge in our panties. By looking at your period or the other stuff that goes in the toilet, you can quickly see if something is abnormal or wrong and get it sorted out. Here’s to being gross but healthy!

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