8 Absolute Amazing Advantages Of Arranged Marriage!

By- Shreya Sharma

Arranged marriage is more like a norm in Indian society. Though it has always been an issue of debate whether it is great to opt for arrange marriage or not. But now days, both men and women are opting for arranged marriage because of its advantages. It has both pros and cons; today we are going to highlight the positive aspect of arranged marriage. Here are absolute amazing advantages of arranged marriage.

  1. Full support of family

In India, marriage is not just the union of two people but it is lifetime bond of two families. It thus allows both the families to meet and have compatible social status, family belief and values. The girl will feel comfortable in her in-laws house as they have approved her already.

  1. Builds Understanding

Since both the parties mutually agree on the union and then decide to go ahead. It develops a better understanding between both parties about each other’s cultural values.

  1. Financial Security

Unlike Love marriage where financial security is not always priority but in arrange marriage families check the earning capacity, professional and career responsibilities for long run which is being practical because money matters. Primary concern for every girl is about the financial security that the future can provide.

  1. Socially compatible

Parents always look a partner for you with similar upbringing, lifestyle, values, cultural and socio-economic background which removes potential chances of disparity. This makes the partners highly compatible.

  1. Magic of love

You might not feel love at first sight of you will not even know the person in advance but that is the actual fun. You will gradually know about your partner and love will happen at its own pace, you just need to be patient. Make some efforts to earn his love and affection for you.

  1. Sense of commitment

The institution of arranged marriage is based on mutual trust and understanding. Commitment is what binds the two souls together and then gradually love happens.

  1. Less confusion for your children

Since you share similar culture, tradition and religion, so it will be easy to cultivate your children and you need not to decide whose values should dominate and have a chaos over that.

  1. Mutual respect

Parents prestige and pride, makes every arranged marriage couple behave in a respectable and responsible way. They will never conduct themselves or their relationship in a way, which will put their families in trouble. This ensures that both the partners will move equally towards making their marriage and relationship work. Plus both the partners bring equal level of understanding and respect in their relationship.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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