7 Small Changes In Your Diet Can Help You Drop Kilos!

By- Shreya Sharma

Diet and health is one major issue of stress in the present era. Everyone wants a perfect bod but it is hard to resist the temptation of pizza, chocolate brownie soft serve, maharaja burger and those crave-generating food stuffs. Won’t that be fun if along with eating, we can get that body of Deepika Padukone? We all want that and starve ourselves for that. With small changes in your diet, you can drop kilos. This is how this works.

  1. Do not skip meal

Skipping meals disturb your glucose and insulin level, making you binge later. So, it is wiser to eat three meals a day.

  1. Do not drink calories

We do not realize and drink lots of calories. Cutting on liquid calories is an easy way to lose weight than to cut the calories from your food. 1 frizzy drink can have about 8 tsp of sugar, deleting that can make you lose 3 kgs in 6 months.

  1. Break the fast

Eating within one hour of waking up is must! Your body slows down its metabolic rate when you don’t eat for hours. By eating breakfasts the right way, you can strike the metabolic fire exactly how your body wants it. To drop extra kilos make sure you include protein-rich foods in your breakfast such as sprouts, yogurt and egg whites.

  1. Do not give up on dessert

Instead of having dessert separately after the main course, indulge it smartly in your food by eating it between meals.  If you just cannot let go of the temptation than restrict yourself to only three bites.

  1. Ban the Achar!

Skip the achar or papad on the table. Eat less high-fat-non-vegetarian food, skip the pat of butter on your parantha and replace any canned food with fresh veggies.

  1. Eat the right fats

You probably already take in some healthy fats from nuts, cooking oils and salad dressing. One easy way to ramp up is replacing saturated fats such as butter with corn, sunflower, soyabean or rice bran oil. But keep in mind oil is high in calories; two tablespoon will do the work.

  1. Start your meal with slow foods

 As you gain weight it takes longer for the “I’m full” message to reach your brain, this is why you’ve probably heard that you should eat slowly as it allows this important message to reach the brain. By eating slow foods such as soup, salad and vegetables you will automatically feel satiated with fewer the calories and become less likely to over-eat after that.

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