6 Things Never to Say to Single Women In Their 30s

Once you turn 30 and if you’re still single, people treat you differently. You are no longer young for them. You are the one who should have had a settled life and everything figured out. These are the things you should never say to women in their 30s.

  1. When will you marry and find your Mr. Right

Every aunty in your society starts gossiping about you and ask “Beta shadi kab kroge?” They are more concerned about your life than you yourself are.

  1. Have a baby before 35

When the aas pados wali aunty gives you advice “Beta shadi kr lo 35 tak baby kr lena, uske baad bohot mushkil hota hai” or they say “Iss umar me toh humare bache bhi ho chuke the” and you feel like saying “Aunty bache toh mai phele bhi kar skti thi” with that shameless grin on.

  1. You are too picky

For them you are no more a kid or college passed out. You should be settled and you are grown past the age of making choices. You cannot be picky and should settle and adjust on whatever you get.

  1. Do not wear such clothes

Suddenly they ask you to get rid of your mini skirts and dresses as you are 30 now and you have no right to show off your legs or body. They ask you to dress better and by better we mean to wear salwar kameez.

  1. Have you tried Tinder?

They will tell you to try online dating apps like tinder as if you are some new born baby. You are like “Been there, done that”

  1. You will not understand it

When those who are married and have kids say that you will not understand, you are not a parent. And we like No!! We do understand that you are quite busy with your kids and it is difficult for you to make some time.

  1. It is kind of couple thing

When they make excuses like “It is for couple or it is couple thing!” to not invite you and you have a feeling that Okay!! I’m single and you are ignoring me for not having a partner.

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