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10 Questions You Should Ask Before Having Sex With Someone!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are together, you have talked about it and had phone sex but before getting physical in real, it is better you talk about something really important than just phone sex and your fetish. Good sex relies on great conversations. This way you can have an affair idea about the things that are important and will make you emotionally and physically prepared. Here are the questions you should ask before having sex with someone.

  1. Have you been tested for HIV recently?

Your body and health are up to you and it is totally okay to ask your man if they have been tested for HIV because they are done on request only.


  1. How do you feel about condoms?

A lot of guys have a problem with the condom, it is better to ask in advance if he is comfortable with condom or not? If he uses it all the time or sometimes? If he is okay using a condom with you? Do not get into a situation when things are hot and he asks you if he can quit the condom thing.

  1. When was the last time you got tested?

Since you are an adult, it is one healthy habit to get tested regularly and discuss it with your partner. If your man says he is clean to your question, take it as a red flag.

  1. If you do not use a condom, what do you use?

Your man may say, you need not worry because he will pull out and withdraw but this is not always one safe option and you may end up with baby or STD.


  1. Are you on the pill?

Even if he does not ask, bring up this issue on yourself. It is better to share the more of information with one another.

  1. Are you actually single?

There are guys out there, who say they are single but are dating a few more apart from you. So it is better to know in advance rather than getting into action and then knowing that he has a girlfriend.

  1. Are you sleeping with anyone else right now?

Just because he is spending enough of his time with you does not mean you are the only one he is seeing. Talk about this to avoid misunderstandings and decide whether this is the right situation for you.


  1. Does the other person you are sleeping with know about others?

This will safeguard you from all the future drama and from getting hurt. It is better to clear it all in advance.

  1. What are you into?

Before you get involved in the act it is better to ask what you both like and what are your fetish is it role playing or dominance or something other. It will save you from sudden surprise and you both can enjoy it easily.

  1. Do you want to have sex?

There should not be any condition in which one is ready and the other is forced to be ready. You both must be ready well in advance.

Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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