7 Things Your Man Loves About You More Than You Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men and women are not that different because sometimes it is hard to understand both. We think that men make us feel bad without feeling any remorse but that is not the case always. Men too have feelings and they seek love. When they love someone, they can do their best to keep them happy. Here are 7 things your man loves about you more than you know.

  1. When you remember things

A lot of men tend to forget things, whereas women tend to remember every single detail of every conversation because we have a great memory. Men admire their girls when they can remember important things.


  1. They love our over protective ways

Men love it when we take care of them when they are sick. It shows that they are being loved and they feel needed and wanted by their partners.

  1. When we know where everything is

Men love the fact that we are so organized and have everything at its designated place. They love that they can count on us when they have to find something.

  1. They love that we are soft and smell good

Men love it when their girlfriend has the softest skin and smells good. This shows that you take care of yourself and they also try to do the same. They appreciate the efforts you put to look good, but they find you sexy even in sweatpants and no makeup look.


  1. They love that you listen to them

Men admire women for being a great listener. When they are going through some emotional turmoil, they will prefer to talk with a female friend because they listen carefully to what they have to say and give some best advice.

  1. When we express ourselves

Men admire that women expresses their feelings and say what is on their mind. For men, expressing themselves can be a challenge, so they love the women who possess this trait.

  1. They love to communicate through actions more than words

While women are good at expressing their feelings, men communicate through actions. They know words are important to us, but they will still prefer actions over words. They love that we are not afraid to cry, that we love to nurture and that we know the right things to say in every situation.


Source –  Tumblr

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