9 Skincare routine you should start in your 20’s

We all want to look good, be it our 20’s, 30’s or 50’s. 20’s is the age when most of us face the major of struggles; break-up, job search, parties (though that is not a struggle), stress, anxiety, depression which all in some way or other has an impact on our skin. Remember when we are told that our skin glows when we are happy within. Being happy is just one skincare routine to be followed. We present you some major skincare routines one should start in their 20’s.

  1. Do not sleep with makeup

The need to look good is too high in this age and we start using various beauty products to satisfy that need. But it is important to cleanse all the products used on your skin before you sleep. It attracts the dirt and the layers of makeup suffocate the skin. So, it is necessary to cleanse your face and remove the makeup before you sleep so that your skin can breathe.

  1. Moisturise your skin

We must make it a habit to moisturise our skin with the cream that suits the best on our skin. Choose a cream for your skin type or ask a professional for guidance. And make sure to apply it every night so that your skin gets enough time to soak it.

  1. Drink lots of water

Drinking water re-hydrates the skin. It eliminates the skin impurities and purifies the skin. Our skin is 15% made up of water and thus it is important to drink lots of water to make a balance. Water cleanses the skin and removes toxins, oil, dirt and waste.

  1. Use sunscreen

Sun soaks the minerals present in our body, leaving our skin dry and tarnished. We get skin burns and tans. To avoid this, either use umbrella or sunscreen as it acts as a mask on skin and helps it to protect from tan or skin burns.

  1. Balanced diet

We must focus on balanced diet ignoring the more consumption of junk food. Our diet should a proper mix of proteins and vitamins that help our skin glow and prevent the signs of skin aging.

  1. Prefer home remedies

At this tender age, exposing your skin to hard chemicals, results in early signs of skin aging. Try and avoid using chemicals and hard products on your skin. There are various home remedies for each and every skin related problem.

  1. Use Multani Mitti

It helps your skin soften and treats the acne. Soak small chunk of mulatni mitti in water and apply the paste on your skin/face. Leave it to dry. Try not to speak in between as it may cause wrinkles on your skin. Once it is dry, wash your face with lukewarm water. You can see the difference now.

  1. Rice water

Rice water is considered to be good for skin and hair both. Use the white colour water left after boiling of rice on your skin. Leave it to cool and then wash your face with it. It moisturises your skin and add glow to it.

  1. Potato

You can use potato on the tanned skin. Potato has such properties which work as a de-tan. Apply the peeled potato on your skin on the tanned area, leave it for a while and wash off your skin with lukewarm water to see the difference.

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