10 Things Every Procrastinator Should Be Proud About!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you are a procrastinator, you will love to read this article because it is not about how to be productive and responsible but it is about how your laid back attitude has made you a pro in things. Here are 10 things every procrastinator should be proud about.

  1. You do not give up on dreams

You have the highest of dreams and you know, you will achieve them by working for the least amount of time and getting the highest output.


  1. You have most creative excuses

Oh, someone locked me in the house!

  1. You are always positive

You never lose hope or feel defeated until the deadline has passed away. You know you still have a few minutes left to submit the assignment which is pretty inspiring.

  1. Having wonderful tolerant friends

Having friends even when you do not pick up their call or do not attend their parties is no less than bliss. You should be grateful to them.


  1. When you appear in some occasions

People feel blessed when you make it to their birthday parties or other gatherings. You may promise to stay in touch but they know you better. Your presence makes people and parties happy.

  1. Having multiple ways to pass your time

You do not mind staring blank at the wall, coloring the books, talking with your cousin for hours when you have exam the next day. You are never out of ideas to pass your time.

  1. You are happy with yourself

You are happy when you score decent marks after spending the whole night watching your favorite show. You are happy when you submit your assignment at the last moment. You are basically happy with everything you do. You applaud yourself.


  1. Finding an easy way to do things

You are lazy enough to spend hours to do something. You will look for the easiest and shortest way.

  1. You love adrenaline rush

You are a procrastinator because you simply cannot work without the stress of doing things in the last moment! The adrenaline rush is something you should be proud about- after all, it is what makes you work.

  1. Having a higher self-respect

You have less of friends, work under stress, almost nil social life and low expectations from people yet you manage to have a higher self-respect about yourself.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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