#MenTalkies : 6 Things about single men to know

People who are in relationship often explains how happy they are being with a loved one, going out on a date, watching a movie together and stuffs like that. They even express their grief in some cases too, where the person is not getting enough amount of sleep, or the expenses are rising with the time or maybe the girl is not ready to give her enough amount of space. Well guess what? Single men also have their moments of bliss and grief too. Following are some of the things that only single men would understand.

  1. Fewer Responsibilities

A man who is single has much less responsibilities that one in a relationship. When you are in a relationship you not only have to follow a lot of things but you are required to remember a whole bunch of things, like events, birthdays, meetings etc. You are expected to do certain jobs even before your girlfriend asks you to, and there is a very small window available for you to commit mistakes.


  1. Complete Sleep hours

It has been seen in many relationships that men have a problem completing their sleep. They have to give time to their girlfriends, talk to them late night, get them to sleep before they can, and only then can they close their eyes and have a nap. Long night talks are very common in relationships but it has a sight effect too. Lack of proper sleep gets you irritated and aggressive sometimes. Well single men do not have to worry about that, as they have a peaceful and complete sleep.


  1. Social Life

Single men have the liberty to enjoy the social life more than the men in relationship. People who are in relationship are often busy in each other, they have to make sure that they give the other person enough amount of their importance and time and hence lack the social touch. Whereas single men are always available on a social circle. You can call them up and they will get down to wherever you ask them to.


  1. Being Friend-zoned

Well this is a common scenario found with single men. They usually fall victim to friend zoning. It is not their fault each time but they are more prone to getting friend-zoned.


  1. Identity Crisis

Now single men who want to be in a relationship can encounter identity crisis. When they see other men in relationship they fight within themselves, and thrive to get an attention from a woman. They want to go to more social outlets and talk to more people to avoid that feeling.


  1. Lack of confidence

You can take it as human tendency that when men are able to talk to women fluently without a hinge they get really confident in other things as well and vice-versa. So single men usually also suffer from lack of confidence, they cannot build up the courage to stand up and talk to a woman, which also affects their other aspects of life too.


These are few things that a single men goes through  and only a single men would understand.

Skadoosh guys!

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