15 Terrible Things You Must Never Do In Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

A relationship needs care and love to grow and nurture. The moment you go carefree, the problems will start to pop up leading to huge arguments and making your relationship unhealthy. You need to be thoughtful while putting in your efforts. If you want your relationship to stay healthy and run the longest course of time, then you got to avoid some terrible mistakes. Here are 15 terrible things you must never do in the relationship.

  1. Putting no efforts

If you stop putting efforts into your relationship, your relationship will start to suffer. It usually happens when you are too comfortable with each other that you start to assume that you need not put efforts. You do not give compliments to each other, do not spend quality together or stop making one another’s birthday special. You stop putting efforts, time and thought to impress each other.


  1. You insult each other

Insulting your partner, making fun of him in front of others and taking a shot on each other are the worst you can do in your relationship. If you have issues, talk with your partner rather than humiliating him.

  1. Losing yourself

Being in a relationship does not mean that you lose your individual self. Do not be the one to lose yourself and pick up your partner’s taste, likes, dislikes, quirks, hobbies, and everything. Share your love, but do not forget your sense of self. Do not forget your identity.

  1. Cheating

Cheating on your partner is always a choice. Keep your priorities right to have a successful relationship.


  1. Leaving your friends

Being in a relationship, does not mean you will have to cut all your ties with your friends and family. You just want to be with them, leaving everything behind. This will lead to more destruction in your life because it will make you more possessive about your partner and he might start to think of you as a clingy girlfriend. And god forbids, if he leaves you, you will end up being alone.

  1. Comparisons

No one likes to be compared. Everyone is unique. Never ever compare your partner with your ex. He is not in a competition with someone he does not even know. Your partner will start to feel bad about himself.

  1. You forget him

You go out with your partner and your friends, and you are only busy talking with your friends, forgetting your partner. You do not care to reply back to his texts. It hurts worse to be ignored and forgotten.


  1. Ignore the issues and problems

You need to take the problems in your relationship seriously because else it will come back to you as disaster take away all that you have. If your partner is expressing his concern, hear him out and come up with a solution. This will bind you closer. Pushing it under the carpet will not solve your problems.

  1. Everyone other than your partner as your priority

When you love someone, they become your priority. If you give priority to other things in front of them, it can be hard for him to deal with this. You should let him know how important he is to you.

  1. Spy on your partner

It can bring problems to spy on your partner’s room, phone, and drawers. You will either get caught and he will never trust you, or you will find something that you wish to never find. In either case, you will have a fight and that is not good for your relationship.


  1. You turn numb for him

Being numb to him and his feelings will only trouble your relationship. You do not feel bad when he is sad. You blame him for every minor thing. You do not feel bad calling him horrible things. It is a sign your relationship is in trouble.

  1. Holding on to the past

No one can change what has already been done. Focus on the present and never bring up the issues of past in your present arguments. You have forgiven him and decided to move on for a reason.

  1. Trying to change him

You both have an individual identity. You fell in love with him for a reason. It is better you either accept him for who he is or leave him. Never try to change him into someone he is not.


  1. Keeping a score

You are simply wasting your time and energy by keeping a count on who did what and how many times. It will just add fuel to your fights. You should never keep a score in a relationship.

  1. Not supporting him

You and your partner are a team. Never make them feel as if they’re not good enough, or that they’re dreaming too high and that they won’t be able to achieve them. Always be there for them, even if they make a stupid decision. After all, one learns from their mistakes, but if you’re there to help them pick up the pieces and dust themselves off and move on, they will love and cherish you more.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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