10 SURPRISE Gifts To Give To Your Brand-New-Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have recently landed into the relationship paradise and you are too eager to surprise your boyfriend with gifts and dates to show your love for him. You are totally clueless about how to surprise him and what to gift him. It could be his birthday or any other occasion but you will be brainstorming to get some idea. We are here to help you. Here are gifts to give to your brand new boyfriend.

  1. Cook for him/Food basket

We all have heard that “the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach” you can either cook his favorite food for him or can arrange a food basket for him according to the things of his likes.

  1. Gift him Ps2 and x-box

Sports and games are a boys’ bffs. They will love you for gifting him his current favorite gadget or game station like Ps2 or X-box. Boys love when you support them in their game.

  1. Sponsor his trip with his friends

We all have seen Zindgi na milegi dobara, Dil chahta hai and we know how much boys love vacating out with their male friends. Make a trip like those in the movie happen for him. Plan such trip for him and sponsor it to the extent your pocket allows.

  1. Plan a long road trip

It’s just sparing some time from your busy work schedule and planning a long road trip with him, will be a great surprise for your man.

  1. Arranging a boy’s night out

Again, he loves his male friends and misses his bachelor’s time, when he used to hang around with his friends and roam around with his friends in his faded pajamas at night. Bring back that time for him at least for a night. Plan and arrange a boy’s night out where he can feel himself to be single again without you continuously calling and texting him.

  1. Treasure hunt

Boys are one adventurous creature, who loves it when things have some mystery to it. Play a treasure hunt game with them by placing the clue cards at every next destination they reach and at the end you can place some surprise date for him or surprise party or just you in a way that will leave him surprised.

  1. DIY gift

You can get so many DIY ideas from YouTube and Bloggers that you can surprise him with a DIY photo frame, Photo collage or scrap book.

  1. Write a letter for him

Boys love it when you express your feelings for him. So write down how it feels to be with him, when he touches you, when he protects you, when he looks into your eyes and everything. He will cherish it and re-read it.

  1. Camping

Plan a surprise camping date with bonfire, tent, wine and food. Keep it simple, romantic and yes a bit naughty. You can even do a few things that he loves like board games or sing for him or dance with him. Spend a cuddly night together.

  1. Drink station

Only if your man drinks, arrange a drink station for him, be the bartender and serve him his drinks with utmost oomph factor.


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