9 Important Things To Keep In Mind To Be More Independent!

By- Shreya Sharma

Independence leads to your personal growth. Being strong and independent has never been easy, especially in a male dominant society. But being independent is important in the modern world. You will have freedom to choose your future and you will feel satisfied being independent. Being dependent makes you feel restricted and tied down. Being independent is the most relaxing feeling you can have as an individual. Here are 9 important things to keep in mind to be more independent.

  1. Earn more

Money can give you the sense of complete independence. Depending on someone financially restricts your activities as you have to constantly think about asking money or how to strategically use the money you have. Look for a job and start earning for yourself; it will give you a chance to meet your needs.


  1. Use of ‘me’ instead of ‘we’

When we need to build a relationship with someone, a partnership is quite important, but independence too plays an important role. If you lean completely on your partner for support, your relationship will be burdened and it will be hard for you to handle it. Give your partner some space and enjoy some time alone. Plan your activities and indulge in hobbies and this way you will grow as an independent person.

  1. Solve your problems

Treat your problem as an embarrassing secret that you do not wish to share with anyone. This way you will not depend on people to solve your problem. Keep it to yourself and try to solve it. Ask for help only when it is urgent. Do not make it a habit of asking for help.

  1. Have realistic goals

Have realistic and attainable goals that you can achieve without relying on others. Plan to ‘save 20% of your salary each month’. Put in efforts to succeed instead of depending on others.


  1. Learn to handle failure

We often take the credit of success on our own and when it comes to failure, we depend on others for support. We should learn to handle failure without blaming others. You should take the responsibilities of your actions and fail forward.

  1. Stand your ground

Have your own views and opinions and stand on them. We usually fail because we depend on others and seek everyone’s approval before doing anything. Be strong enough to stand your ground, think creative and challenge the norms.

  1. Have a big social circle

Make new friends and spend more time and energy getting to know them. This way you will not depend on your family and core friends. The bigger your social circle, the more activities you will get to participate in and learn new viewpoints. This way you will grow strong and individual.


  1. Have your own place

Living with parents is no big deal; you do not have to cook or clean or do laundry or pay bills. But when you are living with your parents, you are adding up to their responsibilities instead of taking your responsibility and being independent. If you can afford to step out of your parent’s house, step out, rent a place and face challenges.

  1. Ask for help but do not depend

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help when you fall into something you have cannot help anymore. Every time you are faced with a challenge, take your dependence on everyone else out of the equation and you will realize how much harder you will work to succeed. Do not totally depend on others every time.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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