10 Steamy Things To Say To Him During Sex!

By- Shreya Sharma

Dirty talking can be difficult. You might have your inhibitions to deal with making it hard for you to express your pleasure in words. Remember your man is going to love you for your moans and groans and sighs. But make sure it does not look odd because it will make both of you feel uncomfortable. Let your words flow smooth. Here are 10 steamy things to say to him during sex.

  1. “Wow.. You are big!”

Guys love it when you tell them about how muscular or toned his body is, but he will get super excited when you give the compliment to his manhood. Compliment him on his package.


  1. “Mmmmm…. Ohhhhh….”

Moaning says a lot without actually using words. Moan if you are having fun. Your mmms and ohhs are enough to let a guy know you cannot get enough of him.

  1. “You are so good!”

Every guy wants to get positive feedback about his skills. Sentences like “You are so good”, “I love the way you move” gets your partner going.

  1. “A little lower baby.. yeah, right there”

Sex is the time when man love getting directions. Not only guide your man’s hand or mouth where you want to be touched but also tell him how you want him to explore. This will fuel his lust for you.


  1. “His name”

Call his name when you are about to orgasm, and this will boost his ego. Whisper or scream his name. They feel good knowing that he is on his mind at this vulnerable stage.

  1. “Tell me what you like”

It will make him feel special and he will know that you care about pleasing him too. He will love it when he can sit back and you initiate. Ask him “What can I do to please you tonight?” to get him on.

  1. “I want to have you right now”

It makes men feel great when they feel they are wanted and desired. Tell him “You want to have him” or “You are so sexy” and it will make him feel good about himself. Be vocal about your desire and hunger for your man.


  1. “bad words”

Lose your inner bad girl and he will feel like he is with the different woman. If you are polite and soft-spoken types, using foul language will surprise your man. Using slangs and F word can drive your man wild.

  1. “I fantasize about you”

He will love to hear about your sexual desire. Tell him your fantasy in detail and let him be your X-rated start. Be open about the new things you want to try.

  1. “You are getting me so hot”

He wants to know how your body is responding. Tell him in detail about the effect he is having on you. Say “I love having you inside me” and it will boost his ego. He wants to know “Is your skin tingling? Are you on the brink of orgasm? Are you so turned on you can’t think straight?


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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