Pamper Your Nails like Salon In 5 Easy Steps!

We are too protective when it comes to our nails. We prefer not performing any activity which can harm our nails. A single cut in our nails, scare us and we do not want to chip them off. We care for our nails a lot and so do us, we present you 5 easy steps to pamper your nails.

  1. Remove your old nail shade with a nail paint remover.


  1. Cleanse your cuticles to remove the dead skin.


  1. Cut and file your nails into the shape you want and according to the length that suits you.


  1. Cleanse your nails using cuticle oil or cream. You can use your favorite hand massage cream to pamper your hands a little.


  1. Apply your favorite nail shade and remove the excess of nail shade on cuticles using nail polish remover on a thin brush. Now apply a base coat on it to prepare your nails for nail art.


This video can help you get these steps better-

Source : Youtube

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