9 Ways To Get Over Your Ex…I Finally Did It!

By- Shreya Sharma

Forgiveness is hard especially when someone has hurt you really deep and hard. Even if the guy has done wrong with you, you will have to forgive him in order to move on and find peace but that is easier said than done. It is important to shut your negative feelings for once and all so that you can move on. Here are 9 ways to get over your ex.

  1. Accept what he did even if you do not agree

We all have been through this when our partner crosses the line, and there is no coming back. To forgive, you need to accept what he has done. You need to accept what happened before you make peace with it.


  1. Take a deep breath to calm down

Once you have accepted what he has done, you need to take time alone to cool off completely because sure his action has made you pretty angry. Take your time to calm down.

  1. Give yourself time and space

It is hard to forgive someone when you are angry. So not forget to take your time and space so that you can heal yourself. It can take you days, months or years to get over the trauma given by someone you thought off as your life.

  1. Stop giving a shit

You might have accepted and give yourself the time to deal with it, but it will still hurt you. Once you are cool down, apathy comes into existence and when you are hurt this much, you stop giving the shit about things.


  1. Pay attention to the stages of grief

The first stage of grief is isolation and denial. Rather than being in this stage, it is better to accept. The second stage is anger, and you will feel that during your cooling down period. And you will feel either better or worse.

  1. The stage of depression

You know what has happened to you and you will feel depressed. Your depression will accompany you in the times of mourning.

  1. Therapy sessions

When you are depressed, you will feel worthless and that is when it is important to reinforce positive behavior. Your therapist will help you understand that your self-worth should never be measured by someone else’s perception of you. Else, it will be hard for you to love someone, or you will carry the baggage of past relationship into your new relationship.


  1. You will eventually forgive

You might have called off all the ties with him once you accepted what he did to you. You will take the time to heal yourself, but you know forgiveness is the last thing you have to do; and this not for him, but for you. Forgiving him is the final goodbye to your relationship.

  1. It will take you more time than you thought

You will take your time and space to analyze what had been done to you and what was your mistake in that. With time you will get to understand the situation else you will blame it on yourself. You need time to breathe.


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