10 Things That Can End Your Relationship Before It Even Begins!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are hard but sometimes we destroy the chance of being in a relationship even before it comes into existence. We are so excited about this new person in our life that we just want to jump to the times of ‘happily ever after’. And in this expectation and excitement, we ruin the whole process and thing. Here are 10 things that can end your relationship before it even begins.

  1. Too much of texting or calling

If you communicate via texts, then do not send him multiple texts or blow his phone off if he does not reply back to your single text instantly. Do not call him every now and then. This will annoy him.


  1. Being overly available

Even if you are available, let people know that you have a life that has some important and fabulous things to do. Spend your time working on your hobbies and find things to do. Make plans and have your own schedule.

  1. Getting caught stalking on Facebook

We all do it. We stalk the guy we like and his exes or any girl tagged with him in pictures, but do not get caught because it will be hard for you to cover up then. Your crush might disconnect all chords with you thinking that you are insecure.

  1. Asking them about their plans or to hang out every day

Do not do it. Do not act like you have nothing else to do other than asking them to hang out. It will make him run away from you. Give him the time to miss you and understand that he is busy and have other plans.


  1. Planning trips or events too far ahead

You guys just met, you cannot plan to go to your cousin’s wedding with him which is supposed to happen next year.

  1. Acting clingy

Do not act too familiar and intimate. Sure, you want to meet his friends and family, but do not force him or ask about people he has never mentioned. Do not jump into his arm, hold his hand or call him the name if it is your second date only.

  1. Over-analyzing things

Dating has changed because of texting because now you can be calculative with your words. You can ask your friends about what to reply or send his messages to your friends so that they can come up with their interpretations. And you along with your friends start to over-analyze everything.


  1. Relationship talk

You have just started talking and then if you bring up ‘the relationship talks’ things will not go great. If it’s been while that you know each other, then it is fine to bring up to issue to understand about your relationship and what the other person wants from it.

  1. Worrying about future

Do not do this. Do not think about if you will marry him if your family will accept him, if you will last forever, if you will go to the trip together or any other thing. You have just started knowing him.

  1. Falling for him too fast and telling him

It’s okay to fall in love, but don’t say anything until you’re sure that’s what you’re really feeling, and wait a little bit.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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