20 Things Every Woman Is Tired Of Hearing!

By- Shreya Sharma

We have grown up hearing so many things that sometimes make us lose our calm. We can go lengths on describing those strange compliments and comments that we often now pretend to ignore but infuriate us deep within. We just want to shout at the loudest of our voice, willing to ask them to ‘shut up’. You too must be having a list of things that annoy you to the core. Here are 20 things every woman is tired of hearing.

  1. She was asking for it

A girl’s clothes are never an offer to assault her sexually. It is a guy’s sick mentally is the reason rapes happen, not what girl is wearing.


  1. You will be so pretty if you

There are people out there who are ready to guide you with their bullshit like ‘lose weight’, ‘gain weight’, ‘wear makeup’, ‘do not wear makeup’, ‘cut hair’ etc.

  1. You are too *compliment* for a girl

This compliment could be anything like Smart, athletic, out loud etc. But seriously is this compliment. It is more like an insult.

  1. You are pretty without makeup

We know we are beautiful without makeup. We wear it because we like wearing it, not for you.


  1. False weight concerns

A person’s weight is no meter to judge their health. You can find people who are concerned about your health because of your weight.

  1. Talking about fat with friends

Why do people have to talk about their belly fat, thigh fat or fat in another area with their friends? It is depressing.

  1. You are not like other girls

It is like insulting our friends and sisters right on our face.


  1. Why did you friend-zone me?

Simply, because I was not interested in you! And you can even get lost from my friend-zone list.

  1. What do you do at home?

If you stay at home and people ask you this stupid question, do not you just wish to punch them in the face? Are they blind not to see the organized and clean home?

  1. Why are you still single?

Just because I want to! Why are guys called bachelor even at 35 and girls are disgraced? Why such double standards?


  1. You should have kids

The choice to be a parent or not is a personal decision. Why not are guys blamed when they do not want to have kids?

  1. Women only date bad guys

Are you sick and retard? There are many of us who want to date nice guys. We do not want to date creepy guys who brag about how deserving they are.

  1. To calm down

When someone asks us to calm down, it only makes us more angry and upset. To calm us down, it is better to acknowledge our feelings.


  1. Is it that time of the month?

This just works same as calm down. Do not assume that we are showing our emotions because it is that time of the month. It will not let you win the argument instead frustrate us even more.

  1. HER house is such a mess

Hello! It is not just her house; a man too lives in it. Why only blame her? She might be busy, might be allergic to cleanser or might have some other priorities. You can blame the man as well.

  1. You look so tired

It might be because I am actually tired. If you are being so concerned, then please do my work and allow me to sleep.


  1. I was just joking

If a guy makes a lame sexist joke then they should know that you are going to ask about how they can even think it to be funny!

  1. Using ‘girl’ as an insult

The word ‘Girl’ is not an insult, so stop using it that way. If a guy is willing to back out from something, then calling them ‘are you girl?’ is not at all valid. The girl is no insult; instead, we can beat you up in any situation.

  1. Are you pregnant

The only thing that is painful apart from childbirth is asking if you are pregnant, especially when you are trying and you are not pregnant.

  1. Ask you to smile

If a girl has RBF, then what is your problem? Why ask her to smile? They do not owe anyone their smile. Smile at them and they will smile back at you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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