10 Adorable Things Men Does Unknowingly That Girls Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

Men do have a muscular, manly exterior, but inside they are a soft little boy who wants to pillow forts and watch Superhero movies. Sometimes they are the most annoying and clueless creature we can see and at times their sweet little gestures can melt us down. And sometimes their most adorable things are also the weirdest things that leave us confused and wondering. Though man hates being called adorable, we love them for this too. It is so cute when they little gestures unknowingly that flutters our heart. Here are 10 adorable things men does unknowingly that girls love.

  1. Dropping facts accidentally

We find intelligence sexy and when they accidentally talk something meaningful and intelligent we are sold. We love it when they tell us about some interesting past or recent fact that we do not know about. And when they casually tell us about it, we find it sexy.


  1. When they are socially awkward

We love it when a guy stumbles on words while approaching us in public. That nervousness they have makes our heart melt.

  1. When they obsess over something weird

It shows that he is passionate about things and is not at all ashamed of himself. We find it cute when they tell us about it and allow us to ask questions. The way their eyes light up when they talk about something they love is cute.

  1. Staring at us

We find it cute when they zone out while staring at us and do not even notice that we have noticed them looking. And when they bounce back and come into senses, we cannot help but laugh at them.


  1. The accidental bending in the picture

We find it cute when bend and pretend like we did not even notice it. And when we joke about it, it makes you do it even more. It is cute when a guy tries to impress us. The more obvious attempts, the more we find it adorable.

  1. Facial hair

They might be insecure of their puffy cheeks and soft skin and to hide it you grow facial hair. We find this idea to appear tough, manly and intimidating cute. We find your efforts cute and thus make poke a few jokes over your beard.

  1. Bromance

It is adorable when a guy has a guy best friend and he talks about him without being ashamed. When a buy obsesses over his friends, we wish to know their friend even more. And it is even more adorable when guys tease each other with your old secret stories.


  1. When they try to dance and sing

When a guy does not know how to sing and dance, but still tries to do it anyway is adorable. It shows that they are not afraid of trying things just to impress us.

  1. Unexpressive humor

If their humor is perfectly deadpan and dry, and they give us a good one-liner, we are sold. While we love a good corny joke, we love jokes that we would miss if we weren’t listening carefully enough even more. We can tell when you are trying to be funny for us.

  1. Holding a baby

It is one unnatural sight that we crave for. We love to watch a man holding a baby and playing with him/her. The way they hold a baby and play with them makes us feel what type of father you will be.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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