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22 Things To Melt His Heart And Make Him Want To Melt Yours!

By- Shreya Sharma

Guys might not put their emotions on display but they too have emotions and want to feel good and appreciated. No guy will come to you and say, ‘I like compliments’ but that is something you have to understand on your own. We know at times we just want to kill our man and then there are times we just want to love them for who they are. In this confusion, we must not forget that guys too are human like us and are more or less same as us. Here are 22 things to melt his heart and make him want to melt yours.

  1. A hug

A nice squeeze and cuddle are enough to remind him that you cannot find a better place for yourself than his arms.


  1. Sports time

Guys love sports and that is not something a secret. Suggest going outside and playing some sport or just to go for a run, he will be excited and love you for this suggestion.

  1. Be his supporter

Not every day is a great day. Be there by his side on rough days too. Empathize with him!

  1. Participate in things he likes

You need not be perfect in his favorite activity, but you can at least show some care and try to learn things for him.


  1. Be sensitive

Guys too have emotions and get hurt. So if your man is giving you abruptly, the short answer then catch the clue. He does not want this conversation because it hurts him.

  1. Act as a team

Do not leave the planning of events and trips on him only. It can be really stressful. Act as a team like you both are on the same page. Help him with the plans and he will love you.

  1. Surprise

Some random surprises are bound to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Surprise him when he least expects it.


  1. Speak up

Men do not always get the hints that you drop and this usually makes you sad. Man wants to make you happy, so speak up and tell him what you want or dislike.

  1. Express your opinion

Men love those who can stand their ground and express their opinion without any doubt.

  1. Brag about him to your friends

Talk to your friends about him, if he overhears or gets to know about the positive things you said he will be the happiest. But do not over-do it.


  1. Talk about the problems

If you have problems, it is better to talk to him first rather than your friends. Overhearing bad things will drag him down and you too.

  1. If you talk with friends

If you talk about your issues with your friends, make sure it never gets back to him.

  1. Appreciate his efforts

If he does something that melts your heart, appreciate him else he will feel like a failure.


  1. A man cave

Allow him to have one room just for him, so that he can keep it the way he wants to and do whatever he wants to do.

  1. Do not say ‘NOTHING’

When he asks anything you want for Christmas or your Birthday, do not say ‘nothing’ because either he will not get anything which will make you mad or he will get you something that you might not like.

  1. Do not pretend to be fine

Man cannot read minds but they can sense when there is something wrong. If you pretend to be okay, they will leave the issue which will infuriate you. So, it is better to speak up if you are angry.


  1. Do some manly things

If he is going to move the couch, jump up and help him.

  1. Sweet gestures

Guys too like those sweet messages, e-mails, voice notes, and letters.

  1. Make him breakfast

Let him have a breakfast in bed. Wake up early and make him something; even a bowl of cereal will do the trick.


  1. Visit his workplace

Show up at his office just to give him a kiss and tell him that you love him.

  1. Show happiness

If things are going great, be happy and show your happiness.

  1. Love them

Even when they reuse old socks, tell you the same stupid joke, or do something that just makes you roll your eyes; love them the way they are.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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