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15 Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Man You Marry!

By- Shreya Sharma

When we date a guy, we are so blind by the love that we think he is the perfect one and start daydreaming about our future together; but we need to be careful because there is a difference between the guy we date and the man we marry.  It does not mean you should ditch the guy, people change so he deserves a chance, but if you find no change in the guy you are dating, it is better to dump him rather than making the situation worse. Before planning to settle down, you got to know the difference between the boy and man. Here are 15 differences between the boy you date and the man you marry.

  1. Hangout v/s date

The boy you date asks to hang out; he wants to have fun with no strings attached. It is less committed than a date.

The man you marry asks you for date and is clear about is intentions. He wants to be with you and wants to know you.


  1. Connection

The boy you date talks about the people you know from your past makes fun of people, shares funny stories. He cannot connect on a deeper level

The man you marry holds the conversation about the interests that you both have like books, music etc. You can connect with them on a deeper level.

  1. Marriage and kids

The boy you date will be clear that he does not want to marry or have kids. His mind will not change.

The man you marry might change his idea of marriage and kids after meeting you.

  1. Fights

The boy you date calls you means names and curse you just to satisfy his ego.

The man you marry fights fairly and does not call you names or get violent no matter how angry he is.


  1. Reaction to your attitude

The boy you date hears your attitude and takes it personally. He fires at you until it turns into a huge fight.

The man you marry can handle your mood and talk you down. This is important when you have major life crises.

  1. About appearance

The boy you date will be concerned too much about your looks and will make fun of you until you fix yourself according to his standards.

The man you marry will never hurt your feelings or love you less if your weight fluctuates. He will love you for who you are and not for what you look.

  1. The meaning of their ‘sorry’ and ‘I love you’

The boy you date will say ‘sorry’ so that you stop nagging him or to end the issue. He will say ‘I love you’ so that he does not lose you, though he does not mean it.

The man you marry says ‘sorry’ because he really is, and he never meant to hurt you with his actions or words. He will say ‘I love you’ because he really means it and wants you to feel loved always.


  1. The way they take care of themselves

The boy you date will expect that you should do things for him because that is what his mom does and other girls do. He does not know how to take care of himself.

The man you marry knows how to take care of himself. He knows how to cook, clean, do laundry, pay bills and other things.

  1. About your friends

The boy you date does not want to meet your friends and prefer to stay alone with you.

The man you marry talks about your friends until he meets them and gets to know about them himself.

  1. Meeting parents

The boy you date, you will be embarrassed to take him to meet your parents and he too will never bring up the topic.

The man you marry wants to meet your parents and tries to impress them.


  1. The idea of marriage

The guy you date is the one you always fantasize about marrying to because he is cute and you have fun together.

The man you marry is the one you are confused about. You are confused if he is the right one and you should settle down with him or not.

  1. Bills

The boy you date does not even bother to take up the tab or offer to pay the bill. He is annoyed when you ask to split the bill.

The man you marry pays the bills when he takes you out. Even if you insist on paying the bill, he does not let you do that.

  1. Troubles and tough times

The guy you date runs away when there are troubles. He does not want drama in his life or anything to tie him down.

The man you marry sticks by you through the tough times because he has committed to you and see you two together until the end.


  1. The way they listen

The boy you date does not listen to you carefully. He just nods to whatever you say and then changes the topic.

The man you marry listens to you carefully. He cares about what you say and wants to know your thoughts, opinions and everything about your day.

  1. Sense of security

The boy you date never gives you the sense of security. You do not know how he feels, what he is up to or what he does when he is not with you.

The man you marry makes you feel safe. You will always know he loves you, you will be able to trust him, and you will know that you two can make it through anything.


Source – Tumblr

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